Not Hank 1 or Hank 2…’s all about Hank III

I just saw the new video for “Long Hauls & Close Calls” from the new release by Hank Williams III on YouTube and I can not even tell you how excited I am for the album!!!!

This is the “hellbilly” version. There is also a “Muddin” version that I am sure my brother and his hillbilly friends would enjoy more.  I myself prefer this version.

Straight out of Trashville, TN the rebel outlaw of all country outlaws Hank III will be releasing a new album on Oct. 21 called Damn Right, Rebel Proud.  Think outlaw county music slammed up with punk rock carefree attitude and that is Hank III for ya.  Hank III has made me a bigger fan of outlaw country even though his version is darker and more demeneted.

2 thoughts on “Not Hank 1 or Hank 2…’s all about Hank III”

  1. hank III bad a$$ my uncle was in the video his truck was the one that had bam bam on the side they said he is cool as sh!t to hang out with.

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