Punk Rock Dogg (Is That Like Snoop D-O-Double G?)

For those of you who can stomach my blog I am sure you might know I like the punk rock.  I like to think of myself as an aging punk rocker who has a love for many other genres of music outside the punk rock. 

I listen to mostly punk rock.  In fact I actually have a beat up iPod that I only store punk rock music on it, and Wu Tang/ODB… 

Where am I going with this? 

Well I have two dogs and they are about as punk as I am…well maybe not.  Regardless I found this fun site called Punk Rock Dogg that is for punk rockers like me who want punk stuff for their dogs.

They sell a lot of fun stuff on the site including matching shirts, sweet dog tags, and even collars.  I have not gone as far as buying accessories yet but I did want to share with you all what I did buy…

Punk Rock Dogg’s Hardcore Cookies

Are you done laughing yet?  Well besides the dog on the package looking like my Boston Terrier the cookies actually appeal to me not because they are “Punk Rock”, although that is awesome, but because they are made from 100% natural human food grade ingredients.  Knowing that it is not some chemical treat loaded with preservatives and by-products is a good thing.  I am sure my dogs could care less what they eat but the point is, I do.

At $6.00 a bag the price is a few bucks higher than Rachel Ray‘s Bacon Dog Biscotti or your standard Milk Bones but to me it is worth a shot seeing how they do mean a lot to me.

Just look at them:

My Boys.
My Boys.

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