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Happy 50th Birthday Hank

Photo by Ben Swinnerton

Happy Birthday to Mr. Henry Rollins who turned 50 today.  You make getting older something to look forward to.  To the man who has never changed one outlook on his life and continually expressed his honest views upon the world, thank you for being who you are.  You are an inspiration to me and always will be.

Hank will be returning to Cleveland on March 25th to the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Sadly I will be missing him as I will be out of town, but I did catch him last year when he dropped by Kent to do a spoken word.  You can read my recap HERE.

One Twenty Seventy Seven

33 years ago today I was introduced to this world.

Slim pickings the day I was born thanks to the Blizzard of '77
Slim pickings the day I was born thanks to the Blizzard of'77.

Some facts you may or may not care about during the day I was born:

  • I was born during a terrible blizzard with record low temperatures.
  • The day was inauguration day for the 38th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter.
  • The day is a cusp day between Capricorn and Aquarius.
  • I share the day of birth with director David Lynch, Slipknot member Sid Wilson, actor Skeet Ulrich, and comedian Bill Maher just to name a few.
  • I was born the year punk exploded.  I am ok with that.

Here is the local news from 01/21/1977 that talks about the supposed energy crisis and the blizzard.  Dick Goddard was awesome back then too!

With bands like today it is hard to believe that Kiss was actually considered “heavy” back in the day…