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Green Day, What In The Cornell Are You Doing?

(I know I am going to get crap for this but oh well… I like to rant)

Dear Green Day,

What the hell happened to you guys?  I recently heard your latest effort 21st Century Breakdown and I must say I was highly disappointed.  I’m not sure I am going to even give the CD a second shot to be honest.  I did mildly enjoy the first single off the album, “21 Guns”, and even got a kick out of the video but once I finally had the chance to hear the whole album start to finish I found myself uninterested and skipped through every song and finally turned it off.  I have not done that with a CD in a long time.

What’s with the mellow sound?  Were you guys hanging around U2 too much???  I didn’t even hear Green Day when I popped in 21st Centruy Breakdown.  At first I thought it was just a cruel joke but then realized that the album was less of what I used to love and more of something I could care less about.

Should I blame Chris Cornell?  Did he command you three to record an album straight from the wallet or is this an honest recording?  Have you learned nothing from that evil man?  I realize you guys are getting up there in age and all but seriously…I think you could have done so much better. 

I hope this was not done for the money although I do know you will make a ton of money from it because a lot of folk are digging it already.  I’m sure sales will be high on this CD and tons of copies will sell to millions and millions of fans old and new, but I will not be one of them this time around.

We all know everyone is entitled to their opinion and [insert worship figure of choice] knows I have a plenty of them.  I am sure some of your fans do not like me saying how I do not like your latest album.  Don’t worry though, because there are other things I do not like too.  For instance, I still think Chris Cornell is a bitch for doing what he did (going solo with Timbaland beats) but I am excited to hear about possible rumors of Soundgarden reuniting.  I do not despise everything.

I’m just not understanding what is going on with you guys.  You were punk rockers to my ears years ago but seemed to change things up as you matured into musicians.  I respect change, but I just don’t know if I can take it anymore.

I’m a guy who was a fan of your band when you were just another punk rock act in California on Lookout! Records.  I have Kerplunk on vinyl, used to have a Dookie poster hanging in my bedroom as a teen, and even once was denied from seeing you live at a free show you played in Cleveland and highly considered joining the other denied folk to riot about it.  Luckily I did not and I stayed out of trouble that day.

Throughout the years you became my modern day Clash pumping out albums like Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning.  I loved the similarities of your material with classic punk but even more so the idea that you did not completely rip them off.  While creating chart topping hits you did not seem to let it get to your head.  I realize the three albums I speak of did not sell as highly as Dookie, but as a Green Day fan I appreciated the hell out of them.

It must have been tough for you all when the popularity of the band sunk.  At one time I really did not think I would hear anything again from Green Day but you refused to give up and in 2004 dropped the chart topping American Idiot.  Props to you for continuing your dream as musicians.  I am sure it was a tough road traveled.

American Idiot was so much of a different concept and at first I really thought it was a great idea.  The whole rock opera idea was welcomed by almost everyone.  Thanks to a bold move in music styles American Idiot became a hit album and you guys were on top of the world again.  Thanks to non-stop radio play and MTV destroying airplay however it became an commercial disaster and everyone loved it.  I even liked it for about 12 minutes until it was overplayed and became almost annoying.  To this day I can not listen to that album anymore.

I almost wish that Cigarettes & Valentines was never stolen.  I feel that when some jackass stole your master recordings from that potential Green Day release it altered the music timeline in a Back To The Future sort of sense.  I’m not sure why you all never re-recorded that album and chose to create material that later turned into American Idiot but you did it for a reason.  Although the music was never recovered I hope one day that stolen album surfaces so I can hear how amazing it was.  I bet it is much better than what I have been hearing from you all.

I hear you guys are planning a summer tour for 21st Century Breakdown.  Even though I have never seen you live, I have decided that I am going to sit this one out.  Sometimes it’s best to just remember the good old times where pop punk was not so much mainstream / adult contemporary yet. 

I know you are one of the bands that is credited for making punk rock become more mainstream in the 90’s and pretty much putting an end to grunge music.  I do want to thank you for that because without bands like Green Day punk rock may not have gotten the credit that was deserved but come on guys, I know you can do much better than this…

Good luck with your success and I am sorry I can not get into your recent release.  It’s just not my thing.

Respectfully yours,

A Green Day Fan From The 90’s

Also guys, what’s up with the eyeliner in the “21 Guns” video?  Seriously , eyeliner?  I also love the over processed hair-do.  I’m not sure if I am watching a music video or something on Bravo.

Green Day – “21 Guns” – HD