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Viva Las Fat Mike

Ok, I really need to get to Vegas now. Fat Mike, you know – that guy from NOFX with the freshly styled hairs, bought a sweet house just outside of Las Vegas and is renting it out to the public.

He calls it the Vegas Punk House – http://vegaspunkhouse.com/

Check it out:

So why should you rent a huge ass, punk rock house when staying in Vegas?  I’ll let Fat Mike explain himself (taken from http://vegaspunkhouse.com):

Hi, I’m Fat Mike and this is my house. My punk house. This isn’t the house that I live and sleep in; it’s the house that I visit and don’t sleep in. It’s my house that’s for adults that live like teenagers.

This is why it’s awesome:

It has 3 bedrooms, but it sleeps 10 cuz one bedroom has 6 bunk beds. There’s a full kitchen, sunken living room with an even more sunken bar, poker table room, game room with pinball, record player with a shitload of records, a pool table, and walls covered in thousands of old school flyers that I’ve collected over the years.

The outside has a salt water pool, a cave hot tub, a water slide, a tiki hut, and a 9-hole putting green. That’s a lot of cool shit… for a foreclosure.

The house is 4 miles from the strip (10 minutes) and is on a cul de sac in a really nice neighborhood (used to be till I moved in). That’s about it. Check out our gallery to get a better feel for the place. Have a really good/hedonistic time! The first case of PBR is on me.

Cheers, Fat Mike

The rates for staying are provided upon request.  The place sleeps 10 so if you and a bunch of your punk rock buddies split the fee, it will not be that bad and you will have plenty of money to spend on hookers and blow.

I am thinking I need to crash here one day very soon.  It looks like it would be an absolute riot.

CLICK HERE for more photos.  The place is acutally very nice looking…  Who’s game for a punk rock Vega weekend?