The Briggs Have A Present For You!

9 days until Jesus Day 2009.  Have you been naughty or nice?  Do you care?

I can tell you who cares, punk rockers The Briggs.  They care so much that they are giving away a free mp3 download of their rendition of “Silent Night”.  How freaking generous!  The download is available on their MySpace page or you can just click below for a direct link.  After listening to it myself I must say I will be adding it to my punk rock Jesus Day mix.  Good stuff.

Walking on water like some other guy many know...
Walking on water like some other guy many know...

DOWNLOAD THIS! – The Briggs – “Silent Night (Not So Silent)”

The Los Angeles band actually recorded this version in the middle of recording new material for their next release.  Grab it while you can and be sure to blast it on the big day for all your friends and family!

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