The Horrible Crowes

Hey to all you Gaslight Anthem fans out there.  This is for you…

Apparently Absolute Punk found out a little secret about Mr. Brian Fallon of Gaslight Anthem fame.  It would appear that Fallon is working on a little side project called The Horrible Crowes.

Last week Fallon admitted finally to the rumor that he and bandmate Ian Perkins would be working on more of a “Night Time Music” album. 

Fallon has this to say on his blog Cassettes In The Mailbox:

I remember I used to have to set myself on fire to get somebody to find out about my band, either that or play with Bruce Springsteen! (wink) so I’m pumped people care enough to find out before I even told anybody outside my little circle. So thanks for caring about what I’m up to, I appreciate that a lot.

Anyway, so here’s the deal… the “night time music” is myself and Mr. Ian Perkins, and what we’re doing is writing songs and making demos at the very moment. We hope to put out a full length record sometime this year, before it gets cold again, I don’t know with whom, or when exactly it will come out. But the point is, it’s coming out. We’re calling ourselves The Horrible Crowes.

The name comes from a poem called the Twa Corbies, which means, “two crows.”

I am sure you have guessed it already, I am stoked.  Not to mention Fallon also talked about a new Gaslight record that they will be working on.

2011 is shaping up to be a good year for releases.

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