The Riot Before Down Two…

The Riot Before announced on their Tumblr page the other day that bassist Cory Manning and drummer Freddy Clarke have decided to part ways.

From their post:

The decisions were made about a month ago, both independently and amicably. There was a no big fight or incident that led to them choosing to leave, rather the culprit was exhaustion. The truth of being in The Riot Before, and I’m sure this is the same for a whole host of other small touring acts out there, is that you can either be in the band or have a life. It’s almost entirely one or the other. The jobs you work when home, the hours you work those jobs, the places you live, the tenuous relationships you hang onto, they all are governed by your involvement in this band. And about a month ago, Freddy and Cory decided it was time to focus on the rest of their lives. It’s a decision that I don’t at all fault them for making.

Jon and [Brett] are as committed to the band as ever, and personally I’m excited every day for what the upcoming months and years hold in store for this band.

According to PunkNews.Org, the band will still play live shows as bass duty has been temporarily taken over by Dan Zimmerman of Dirty Tactics and the band is currently searching for a new drummer.

The Riot Before will be touring this summer with Off With Their Heads and Dead To Me.  Let’s hope they can regroup and continue on as they are one hell of an act.

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  1. Hey! I came across your blog and I’m digging your reviews. I’ll definitely be visting more and bookmarked you. Cool bio as well!

    I’m kinda surprised to see this band part ways. :\ They were quite good.

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