The Suck: Sudden Breakage…

So all things BHP related are going to be on a little standstill for the moment.  I had some fun things up my sleeves to share with you all including photos and an interview with a local roller derby team but I had the unfortunate happen to me yesterday morning that pretty much set the mood for my week.

My laptop crashed.

How awesome and perfect timing was that???  I was not having problems with it so I have not recently backed up any information on it.  My good computer savvy pals think that they can recover the data on the hard drive and I hope they can because I have a ton of important emails, links, contacts, music, etc on there I use for BHP as well as personal use.

I am keeping my fingers crossed.

One thought on “The Suck: Sudden Breakage…”

  1. Crossing ’em. I know what it’s like to lose sh8t. Don’t try and f8ck with the comp in the meantime so you can try and keep as much sh8t as possible. Don’t try to DIY, leave it to the experts. I can’t stress that enough.

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