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It’s not typical that I start out a video on my posts but this one was too unique to not showcase immediately.  Above was the flash music video for Uniform Motion‘s “Back Up Your Soul”.  If you watched it with a careful eye you might have seen something a little different – I customized it.

The duo (1 part music and 1 part visual effect) has developed a combination of social media, flash animation, and music to create a customizable greeting card music video featuring the band performing along with a personalized message that appears on their backdrop.  Not only is the idea of the video cool but so is the band’s music and style.

The flash video actually emulates the duo with one half on the instruments and the other behind an electronic sketch pad. Dreary and dreamy folk music is what this band does best and I can not get enough.  It is like chill-out folk music that puts me in a trance on more than one sensory level.

Uniform Motion just dropped their second album on February 9th entitled Life.  Defined as an Anglo-French Illustrated Indie Folk band the act combines music with visual arts. Their latest CD carries 8 tracks and a collection of 9 canvas arts for you to get lost in as you absorb their material.

Head over to their website to check out more of the tunes as well as customize your own video.

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