Virgin Festival 2009??? Will it happen?

Just found an interesting little article on the Baltimore Sun website about the Virgin Mobile Festival announcing that they will return, but to where is still to be decided.

I guess it is safe to assume that they may not return to the Pimlico Race Coarse if the owners file for bankruptcy. 

Honestly I am bummed to hear about that.  I have been at the festival for the last three years, or should I say, every year since it first took place.  I have had a great time each time I was the and saw some amazing acts not to mention enjoyed myself with my good friends.

I’ve seen amazing line ups for the last 3 years including NIN, Flaming Lips, RJD2, Bad Brains, Iggy & The Stooges, The Black Keys, Foo Fighters, Wu Tang Clan, The Who, The Police, Beastie Boys…the list goes on.  It was always a good time too.  I never had a bad thing to saw about that festival…only the motel that we stayed at in 2007…

Rumor has it they may move the festival to the Merriweather Post Pavilion which is not too far away.  I searched online about the possible move a bit and found another article from the Baltimore Sun about the possible move.

That to me is not a good move by any means.  Chopping the capacity from 60,000 to 20,000 (27,500 if they transform their parking lot into festival grounds) people means less of everything including potential acts…

Here is another nice article about the possible move found on

The race track to me is the perfect grounds for a 2 day festival and I really do not know if I will attend for a 4th time if it is moved.  There was something about parking my car and hanging out for 10+ hours in the middle of Baltimore. 

It’s getting late in the year for a festival to be announced.  I should not speak too soon though because the 2006 Virgin Mobile Festival really was not announced until after I got back from Bonnaroo that year, granted it was in late September…

4 thoughts on “Virgin Festival 2009??? Will it happen?”

  1. Dammit

    I guess that is one less time that we are going to hang out this year. If they move it, it becomes less of an event, and more like just another concert.

  2. Hi Kathi,

    Looks like it is sold out, even though the tickets were free. I was on TicketMaster myself for a while trying to get a pair of tickets.

    I completely forgot today was the day…

    I am sure folk out there are going to try and sell the tickets on verious sites such as

    I would keep an eye on the Virgin Free-Fest’s website to see if they release more tickets.

    Good luck!

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