Who You Gonna Call???

Ram this is for you:

This may very well be my first true video game blog on the site.  I am a fan of video games or should I say I was formerly and then took a small hiatus.  Mostly because none of the games on the market these days interested me.  I also was preoccupied with other things in life like work and this site.  I then, after trying so hard not to, became addicted to Guitar Hero last year thanks to my friend Anthony, and just recently found a new high playing Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe thanks to Sam and Kolb.

I am 32 and I play video games.  Who cares.  I love it.

Last week I posted a blog about my favorite 80’s cartoons and one cartoon mentioned was the REAL Ghostbusters.  My pal Ram commented on the love of the cartoon mostly as they exposed true haunting truths and all that paranormal activity.  I could not agree more Ram.

Well of course the cartoon came from the popular cult classic 1984 movie Ghost Busters starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramus.

Reality check…  Ghost Busters will be celebrating it’s 25th year anniversary this year.  Ouch, am I that old???

So, what do you do when were a successful cult classic movie from the 80’s?  You celebrate your two and a half decades of existence.  How?  You release the movie and the sequel on Blue-Ray!

I agree…BORING.

What else?

What about for the true fans who want something new?  What about something for the fans who can not wait until 2010 when Ghost Busters III may actually come out?

How about a video game?

Wholly crap is right…  I think I may start playing videogames a little more this year thanks to this game.

It is supposed to take place 2 years after Ghost Busters II ended.  I’ll let GameStop.com share their info now:

Ghostbusters: The Video Game, based on the smash hit motion picture franchise and featuring a completely new story, is coming to six game systems in 2009. Coinciding with the 25th anniversary celebration of the film’s original theatrical release, the game reunites original cast members to recapture the unique blend of humour and fright that established Ghostbusters as a pop culture sensation. Penned by original Ghostbusters writers Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, Ghostbusters: The Video Game brings members of the original cast together for the first time in 20 years. Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson lend their voices and in-game likenesses to the original story set two years after Ghostbusters II, with Manhattan once again overrun by ghosts and supernatural forces. Players will have the chance to chase, attack, and catch ghosts in a funny and frightening battle to save New York from its latest supernatural plague.

Now that even sounds cooler.  The original cast has involvement in this game…  I best start saving my pennies…

3 thoughts on “Who You Gonna Call???”

  1. That game looks sweet. They have no business making a 3rd Ghost busters the last one was bad enough. Although as a kid I used to love that Bobby Brown song in it.

  2. hell yeah! i’ll buy the game even if it gets bad reviews.the movie though? i’ll probably still go and watch it. check out the time life website- you can buy the entire ghostbusters series. it comes in the fucking ghostbusters headquarters! by the way, isn’t that song by ray parker jr.?

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