Why so Frightened Rabbit?

Scottish indie rock five-some Frightened Rabbit is a band I should have heard about long ago.  I should have all their albums in hand and I really should have checked out their show a couple weeks back when they graced Cleveland.

I should but I don’t and I did not.

The fact is until last week I had no interest in them.  Why?  I really do not know.  Sometimes I just pass up bands even when friends and reviews try to point me towards something good.  I can not say I have been in the indie rock mood recently either so I am sure that added to my neglect.

I admit, I missed out…  Thankfully a friend played them for me last week rather than telling me how good he thought they were.  I was intrigued and thanks to Kyle wanted some more.

I just finished checking out their latest release The Winter Of Mixed Drinks and I pretty much want to kick myself for turning my ear away from this amazing act.  It was good and when I say good, I mean collected and start to finish good.  Good as in the entire album could be on repeat for hours and during that recycled time not one song would become tiresome to listen to.  That is how I felt after I finished listening to Frightened Rabbit’s latest release.

Where I am not familiar with their older material I have made plans to  make sure that I change that in the near future.  They may still be borderline underground at the moment but with a full US tour presently going on that will end at this year’s Lollapalooza it is probably safe to say that will not be lasting long.

I am sure most of you have already heard about them already but if you have not and you are looking for something new you should get your hands on a copy of The Winter Of Mixed Drinks.  Why?  Because it’s good.

Here is an older track…I dig this too!

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