You Know They Suck Live… – The Decline To Play A NOFX Set At Annabells On Friday

Hey everyone.  I just learned of something fun that is happening this Friday at Annabells in Akron…and it’s FREE!

The Decline, a NOFX cover band project featuring members of past acts like Friends Back East and D.F.T.W. will be playing a set at Annabells for all who decide to attend.

Local Cleveland punk rockers (and great friends of mine) The Facials have decided to jump on the bill as well as the still smells-like-new Akron act Worship This! (also friends of mine).

If you were once of the seven people that accidentally read my Best Of 2010 post a couple months back, you might remember that The Facials dressed up as NOFX and played a Halloween set at Now That’s Class.  It was fun, they sounded good, and everyone in the venue was loving it.  I am pretty sure that The Decline will do the very same as they are a group of good guys looking to just have a night of fun.

Doors are at 10pm and admission is free unless you are under 21 and in that case you will need to sell your soul or offer up $3.00 (I think).

Don’t act like anything else is going on Friday night in Akron.  Be there.

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