You Know What Today Is… Right?

Today is a lot of things really. History happened, history might be made, and people will be talking about things based upon events from today for years to come.

I know, deep…

I will be ignoring everything today except for the fact that Mr. Frank Turner released an EP today entitled Rock & Roll.  The 5 song EP dropped today on iTunes and is available in limited quantities on CD (here’s hoping for a 7″).  It’s a sample of what Frank Turner is working on for his 2011 release and I have to say that I love it.

What’s that you say?

Of course I love it you say?

What’s that?

I am Frank Turner obsessed?

Yes I am and I fully admit it.

Turner is a kick ass musician and there is no reason for a music lover like myself to not adore his music.  This EP is great start to finish, especially the highly likable anthem “I Still Believe”, a track I was introduced to in October when I got to see Turner open for Social Distortion.  Even if it was a new song, it was so infections that by song’s end, everyone was singing along.

See for yourself:

Fun note: The gang vocals on the track were actually taken from the crowds at various live shows.

With non-stop touring all year, Frank Turner may be one of the busiest musicians out there.  Somehow between playing cross-country tours as well as festivals the guy found some free time to record new material and I could not be happier with the results on the EP.

Here’s to the full length release in 2011.

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