You’re So Ugly

In celebration of the re-mastered, re-packaged, re-release of Atmosphere‘s God Loves Ugly, an email was sent my way…

With today’s release of the re-issue of the Atmosphere classic God Loves Ugly we thought we’d give you an opportunity to show off your own ugly mug at Upload a picture or take one with your webcam and just like that you’ll have your very own God Loves Ugly cover. Share it with your friends, add it as your social networking profile picture or print it off and use it as a brand new cover for your repackaged, remastered and uglier than ever God Loves Ugly CD. Now get over to and start uglying up the place!

I admit it is a humorous concept idea giving fans a change to emulate their own face where Slug‘s originally is, but I just couldn’t do it.  I did find a few that were posted on the site that humored me though:

If you have not heard of Atmosphere I do want to let you know they are a surfacing one time independent underground hip hop duo.  If you are not into hip hop then you should just move on, but if you do like hip hop they are an act you should know about already.

I have adored Atmosphere since I first checked out God Loves Ugly when it debuted.  At the time I worked at an underpaying under appreciated record store and a copy was put in front of me by a co-worker.  He told me to take it home and listen to it.  I was hooked immediately and have loved every release by the duo since.

With there independent success Atmosphere had a high underground fan base.  It was almost a treat of sorts to know who they were and to be a fan as they were unknown in the mainstream.  That soon changed for them as they were just that good.

Many former fans fell off the bandwagon as the duo achieved stardom with their slick beats and intelligent lyrics.  Soon former fans were calling them sellouts and boycotting their future releases, I myself did not have a problem with their success and remained a fan.  I was even fortunate enough to catch them at the 2006 Bonnaroo.  I must say their set that day was a highlight of that hot, humid day.

They continue to be an impressive act to follow and show no signs of slowing down with their 2008 release When Life Gives You Lemons…You Paint That S@#t Gold.  Again, there were some folk calling them sellouts and saying how terrible the album was compared to their underground material, but to each their own.  I like the old and the new.

Now that God Loves Ugly has been reissued you have a chance to see what they used to sound like before the spotlights took aim.

Check out the following to pick up a copy for yourself:
Fifth Element Online
Buy God Lives Ugly @ Amazon.Com

Video anyone???

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