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Today started out like any other day – I woke up.  I barely opened my eyes and absorbed the NPR that cancelled out the strange dream I was having and just zoned out until I got the guts to face this Friday.

Today is different than most days.  I have been thinking about going back to college.  It has only been 12 years or so since I last took classes and the time has come to finish up.  I made some poor choices in life when I was younger and never finished school like most right minded poeple do.  I was thinking of going to Kent State and majoring in Being Awesome.  What to do what to do…

In other news Ben Folds is playing the House Of Blues in Cleveland on April 15th.  Advance tickets are $35 and went on sale this morning. 

I actually had an extra $40 to spend today.  I was either going to use it on my application fee or use it to see Ben Folds make love to his piano.

Any normal person would not think twice about what is right but I for a moment there thought about delaying the admission process…

Let’s see, education and further my life or see one hell of a show?  An education lasts a lifetime and I am sure Ben Folds will come by again right?  Still sucks I could not do both.

I did the right thing and applied over the internets to KSU and dropped $40 on an application fee.  I was highly bummed out about this because some of me fought to use that money to get a Ben Folds ticket.  I better get accepted dammit.

After hitting the “submit” button cancelling out any hope of seeing Ben Folds I get an email:

You and I are going to Ben Folds. I just bought a pair of tickets. All you have to do is beat up Rad-am for me.

Seems fair.  I have great friends.  I will assault one friend to appease the other and in return will get to see Ben Folds after all.  Today is a good day.  Mr. Addicted To Vinyl made my day.

Thanks Matt and sorry Rad-am.

2 thoughts on “Babble Blog: Ben Folds Han Solo”

  1. @The Manager – That’s kind of a tough question to answer out of the blue. There are tons of Ohio bands worth mentioning from me, my friends, and my readers and I guarantee they will all be different. A couple local acts I dig are The Sidekicks, Ohio Sky, Heads Held High, The Facials, The Struttin Cocks, American Werewolves…. Most of them are just Akron / Cleveland folk.

    Anyone else care to throw down their favs?

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