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Limited Edition Blink 182 Toy Bunny

Are you a fan of Blink 182?  Do you like buying super cool limited edition merch during concerts?  Do you collect vinyl toys for fun?

Well I know I do…

Check this out:

Available on tour only, Blink 182 teamed up with Acorn to release a limited edition Blink 182 toy.  The toy is 3″ tall and pretty much the coolest little Blink 182 keepsake I have ever seen.

For Blink 182 tour dates and the oppertunity to request what songs the band will play when they roll through your town, check out:

I Want: Chef Duff Minimate – Charm City Cakes

I am a huge fan of Ace Of Cakes as well as collecting limited edition toys so when I found out that Art Asylum created a Chef Duff Goldman Minimate I was all about trying to get one.

The problem I faced with ordering one of these toys is that I waited too long and they sold out on the Charm City Cakes’ website.  Today though I was just killing some time and decided to check out the site and the toys were back in stock.  I immediately ordered one.  Score.

So here’s something fun that I always get a kick out of…

Rock gods Clutch and Ace Of Cakes actually have something in common:

Good Buy: Detournement – Screaming Response EP

While at the Bouncing Souls show last week I was checking out the merch booth grabbing some goodies for myself.  As I was waiting for the merch guy to return to the booth, I saw this interesting looking 7″ vinyl on the counter.  It grabbed my attention mostly because of the jacket.  The jacket was actually wrapped in sand paper making for a unique look.

Not knowing who the band was I added it to my pile of goodies and went on with my night.

Today I finally had a chance to check out my impulse buy.  The band is called Detournement and their debut EP titled Screaming Response was released on the Bouncing Souls’ record label Chunksaah Records.  The band enjoyed the EP so much they were selling it at their shows and boy am I glad they did.

The eight song EP is full of political powerful punk rock goodness with very thought out lyrics combined with punk music that almost reminds me of Rancid especially with the Matt Freemon-like bass riffs throughout the EP.  Heavy on the hardcore punk side at times and overall a good listen, I really enjoyed this blind purchase a lot.

If you want to pick up a copy for yourself head over to Chunksaah Records and grab one for the low low price of $6!

Detournement features members of Lifetime, Bigwig, Ensign, Plan A Project, and Worthless United.

Pressing Info:
Yellow Version: 195 pcs available from Pirates Press Records
Grey Version: 190 pcs available from Chunksaah Records
Black Version: 85 pcs available at Detournement shows (or Bouncing Souls as that is where I got mine)