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Limited Edition Blink 182 Toy Bunny

Are you a fan of Blink 182?  Do you like buying super cool limited edition merch during concerts?  Do you collect vinyl toys for fun?

Well I know I do…

Check this out:

Available on tour only, Blink 182 teamed up with Acorn to release a limited edition Blink 182 toy.  The toy is 3″ tall and pretty much the coolest little Blink 182 keepsake I have ever seen.

For Blink 182 tour dates and the oppertunity to request what songs the band will play when they roll through your town, check out:

I Want: Chef Duff Minimate – Charm City Cakes

I am a huge fan of Ace Of Cakes as well as collecting limited edition toys so when I found out that Art Asylum created a Chef Duff Goldman Minimate I was all about trying to get one.

The problem I faced with ordering one of these toys is that I waited too long and they sold out on the Charm City Cakes’ website.  Today though I was just killing some time and decided to check out the site and the toys were back in stock.  I immediately ordered one.  Score.

So here’s something fun that I always get a kick out of…

Rock gods Clutch and Ace Of Cakes actually have something in common:

I Want: Kidrobot – Kidpunk.

I saw these Kidrobot – Kidpunk collectibles a while back and wanted one.  2 weeks ago I was at Shake It! Records in Cincinnati (awesome music store if you have never been) and saw them in person but talked myself out of buying one.  I kicked my self in the ass on the way home for not getting one, but they are $50.00 a piece.  Sheesh.

Today I see this:

Kidrobot 16: KidPunk! from Kidrobot on Vimeo.

I Want.

If you want, they are available on the Kid Robot website or you can take a trip to Shake It! Records and buy one (for me) in person.  If you do make the trip, let me know what you think of the store!!!