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So indie rock is cool right?  Well I think so…  What about folk music?  That seems to be hitting the ears of many as of late.  Now imagine an indie folk rock band or a folk indie band that rocks or how about a rock folk indie band.  Yes this has been covered before but there is something about Cleveland’s Unsparing Sea that really hits me when I think of indie rock mixed with folk music.  Recently the band released their sophomore album entitled In The Diamond Caverns, an album full of a mix of both genres of music that was ever so tasteful to my ears.

Opening track “Sandpaper/Sadpaper” started off the CD as if one was entering the world of dreamland with inviting harps and hypnotizing cello playing temping you for a taste of what was going to come.  Originally I thought of this song as an intro but after the slightest pause the song jumped into this orgy of music with plucking and blowing (banjos and horns you perverts).

Maybe it’s the way lead singer J.R. sang along with the cello and saw (yes, saw) in “Wolves At A Wedding” but my attention perked up a tad.  The song is beautiful yet gloomy and is the kind of song someone can either profess their love to someone or devise a planned Dexter-like attack to the unsuspecting villain.  The song actually premiered on the band’s previous EP In The Crystal Canyon.

“The Diamond Caverns” is a less gloomy track and carry lyrics speaking of a savior left to be determined.  I absolutely loved the combination of the drumming and strings midway through the song.  “Sleight Of Hand” carried a more lullaby sound that continued the attractive cello with what sounded like an upright bass being gently plucked.

My choice cut on the album without a doubt is “Sing Devil Sing” as it really brought out the twang with banjo playing but kept an indie sound vocally but then out of nowhere came this Spanish trumpet playing that just brought the song together perfectly. Ryan Kelly’s drumming really makes “Fires, Attics, Etc.” a lively track to listen to.  The song is perhaps the most upbeat on the album and clearly shows this band has many sides of emotion.

Granted I had only been treated to a sample of tracks off of The Crystal Canyon I can tell you I am hooked and want more.  I was lucky enough to catch Unsparing Sea play the Music Saves 5 Year Store-A-Versary a few months back and was floored by their live performance.  It was my very first taste of a talented local act truly unique to neighboring bands.  If things go my way there might be a copy of the CD in my stocking on Jesus Day morning.

Better yet the band is scheduled to play a show on Dec. 23rd at the Beachland Ballroom‘s Yulesville Pre-Holiday Bash!  The show starts at 9pm and there is going to be a slew of bands there including Unsparing Sea.  Looks to be a fun time. Having seen Unsparing Sea live before I can tell you they are an act not to be missed.

If you are interested in purchasing this awesome Cleveland band’s material you should head over to their website.

DOWNLOAD THIS! – Unsparing Sea – “Sing Devil Sing”
DOWNLOAD THIS! – Unsparing Sea – ‘Diamond Caverns”

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