Street Sweeper Social Club (No it’s not Rage Against The Machine Part II)

A while ago I heard that a couple of musicians I dig formed a band together and before I knew it they were the opening act on the 2009 NIN/JA Tour (Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s Addiction).  Sadly the tour never made it to Cleveland and I was unable to make it to the Pittsburgh show.  From what I heard the band ‘s performance turned a lot of heads to the folk that showed up early enough to catch their set.

The band I speak of is called Street Sweeper Social Club and features guitar effect guru Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine) and hip hop artist Boots Riley (The Coup).  It’s not Rage Against The Machine but does have some elements from the popular 90’s rock act.  Their debut self-titled album Street Sweeper Social Club was released over the summer.  I still have yet to fully check the album out but was able to hear some of their tunes via YouTube.

My verdict = kick ass.

Here’s a teaser of their upcoming video for “Promenade”:

Nice little “Kick Out The Jams” cover with some guy named Trent Reznor:

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