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Yellow Dogs & Joyce Manor

I admit, I have not been too good to this site.  You see, school is wrapping up for the semester so that means tons of writing, reading, writing and studying.  It sucks.

I thought I would take a moment out of my busy day and talk about two bands that I have been getting into a lot lately.

First up is The Yellow Dogs.

This Brookyn-based-originally-from-Iran punk act surprised me the other day when I listened to them.  They are more of an up-beat dance-y punk rock act and carry no gimmick at all.  This is no rap-punk or whatever the hell these kids are making these days, this is a nod to 70s/80s punk acts that, dare I say, has some major musical Clash-like qualities (even some Joy Division as well).  The band will be dropping a new EP titled Upper Class Complexity on May 10th.

There there is this little band called Joyce Manor. Holy shit this band rules.  Some of you may know this already…

Their new album Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired dropped the other day on Asian Man Records.  This sophomore release is about the best 13 minutes I have heard this year. The songs may be short, but are poignant, consistent, and beg to be listened to over and over. I can not tell you how excited I am about this release. Why the hell did I wait until the 2nd half of this post to tell you???

Do yourself a favor and pick it up if you like the punk rock.  I highly doubt you will be disappointed.  Sometimes a little bit of something does in fact go a long way.

Check out “Violent Inside” off of their new release and then go and buy it.

If you fancy yourself a fan of Tim & Eric, you should check out this track by track post David Liebe Hart did of Joyce Manor’s Of All Things I WIll Soon Grow Tired.  It’s kind of hilarious even though I do not get Tim & Eric at all.  Maybe I need to do drugs or something.  Still, check it out.  Well worth the read.

Album Review: Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room – Hurricane Season

Dan Andriano, also known as the bassist/singer of Alkaline Trio, recently released an impressive solo album called Hurricane Season. Under the moniker Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, the man took the album into his hands, literally.  He wrote all the songs, played/sang all the music (sans the organ, piano, and a couple of harmony vocals), and even produced it.  It is safe to say that Hurricane Season is indeed a true solo album.  The man even took it upon himself to supply the photos as seen throughout the album and booklet.

Andriano, in case you live under a rock, is one of the impressive three that make up the popular punk rock band Alkaline Trio.  Formerly of Slapstick, he is known these days for his distinguishable signing in many AK3 songs (including “Fine” as heard on AK3’s last full length This Addiction). Andriano has toyed with side projects in the past including a 2002 split as well as been a part of the punk rock supergroup The Falcon.   He writes, he plays, he performs, and this time with help from Asian Man Records, he has given his talent a challenge of sorts and dropped quite the impressive album.

“It’s Gonna Rain All Day” opens the ten track album with Andriano doing what he does best; write heavy, meaningful lyrics.  Such the sorrowful track with piano sneaking in and out of acoustic guitar playing making for one of my favorite tracks on the release.  “Hurricane Season” followed in a more upbeat rock feel with some familiar cries coming from Andriano’s pipes.  “Hollow Sounds” was more of an acoustic jam with many the reference to addicting temptations and comparisons revolving around a heartfelt memory.

“Let Me In” was a busy rock track throughout, impressive when you think that one man put it together by himself.  “On Monday” had a nice country/rock feel to it.  “The Last Day We Ever Close Our Eyes” was the closest thing on the entire album that resembled a heartfelt track.  Then came, “From This Oil Can”, a seemingly happy ending to Hurricane Season that easily was meant to swoon someone in a clever, direct way.  I really enjoyed this closing track a lot.

Hurricane Season was an album full of songs that easily could have been mistaken for AK3 b-sides or acoustic jams, but I know that is not at all what he was looking to do.  Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room was more of a personal sounding voyage with deep tracks most likely that have been trapped in his mind for quite some time.

Andriano does contribute quite a lot to AK3, so it is not surprising that a lot of the tracks on Hurricane Season are dark and lost.  Knowing though that this album is a solo release means that Andriano has offered so much more to it over the the typical 1/3 he probably does in AK3 as the two other members help make AK3 what they are too.  The result is a personal tribute to himself.  If anything, an amazing musician who probably just wanted to play some songs all by himself for others to listen to did just that.  I just hope he takes this solo project on the road, only time will tell. See tour dates below.  No Cleveland show, but who knows, maybe next time!

Fall Tour Dates:
Sept. 9th – Gainesville, FL at The Double Down
Sept. 10th – Naples, FL at Flieschmann Park
Sept. 11th – Ybor City, FL at Crowbar
Sept. 13th – Charlotte, NC at The Evening Muse
Sept. 14th – Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506
Sept. 15th – West Columbia, SC at New Brookland Tavern
Sept. 16th – St. Augustine, FL at Cafe 11
Sept. 24th – Chicago, IL at The Bottom Lounge