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Foxy Shazam – Out Today

I woke up this morning unlike any other morning I have had in quite some time.  Today was the day that Foxy Shazam‘s self-titled album finally dropped.  The moment I woke up my iPhone was in my hands and I purchased the deluxe album version off of iTunes.

Words that I will use to describe this new album: Punk, Fierce, Soulful, Wreckless, Unforgettable

These guys have the potential to go in a history of sorts where the rock bands of the 70’s rest with high honors.  Cincinnati’s Foxy Shazam could very well go down in a shameful self-destructing crash of defeat and still be one of the best acts of their time – yea, I know bold statement from me.  They just have that quality of awesomeness I have not seen or heard in years.  Think Iggy Pop/Freddie Mercury energy mixed with arena rock qualities and soul like no other.  Foxy Shazam will be heard.

Can’t say that everyone is going to dig this album but if you want something different – you know what to do.

Here’s an older video…

New Foxy Shazam Video For Your Viewing Pleasure

So one of the bands who I am most excited about releasing new material this year is Cincinatti’s Foxy Shazam.  I might have mentioned something about them before…

Today Foxy Shazam released a new video today that pretty music takes Peter Pan, The Darkness, and hot chicks wearing knee high tube socks making for a fun time all in a black & white format. The lead singer who looks like V from V Is For Vendetta guy is hyper awesome and I just see good things happening with this arena rock band.

Check out the new video for “Oh Lord”:

Front man Eric Nally had this to say about himself and what Foxy Shazam is:

I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and was one of two white boys in an all-black high school. The band name Foxy Shazam came from a saying in my school meaning, “cool shoes.” If you had cool shoes kids would say those are “foxy shazam.” Because of this we have a lot of soul, and try to let it bleed through our music as much as possible. Mom and Dad were pretty poor as I was growing up but always supported my musical interests nonetheless. In the early years they bought my band cheap guitars and amps and drove us to shows in the family Thunderbird. I owe them big time and will someday repay them.

When I listen to a Foxy Shazam record I think of Evel Knievel, Bruce Springsteen, my childhood, Van Morrison, my old friends from high school I don’t talk to anymore, Elton John, the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and beyond, Iggy Pop and my first kiss. One of my favorite things to do when listening to my music is to close my eyes and picture a crowd of six million people all chanting “Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!” The lights go out and my band walks on stage. It gives me goose bumps. It all makes sense to me. When you listen to our record, think of your favorite things and it’ll make sense to you as well.

Foxy Shazam is not concerned with what category it falls into. We want to stand for our generation.

We want to be the biggest band in the world.

We are the Michael Jordan of Rock N’ Roll.

I have the feeling Eric will be repaying his folks in no time.  He has such a positive and energetic attitude about what he is in and loves to do.  This band is going to be getting a lot of attention in 2010, or so I think.

Oh My My – Music Videos

I’ve been kind of busy as of last thanks to a couple of shows I recently reviewed but I finally have found a moment to start playing catch-up.  While doing so I came across some music videos that made me a happy camper.

First off is She & Him‘s newest video for “In The Sun”, the first single off their upcoming Volume Two that should be out on March 23rd.  If anyone knows me well they know my love obsession (hell who am I kidding) with Zooey Deschanel.  I think she is dreamy…yes…dreamy.  So yeah before I start to sound like too much of a creep here is the video that recently debuted on Pitchfork TV:

(does anyone else out there think M. Ward looks a little Robert Downey Jr. in this video???)

Next up is a video from one of my favorite artists out there, Frank Turner.  The video is for the song “Isabel” that appears on Poetry Of The Deed, his most recent album.  For such a sorrowful song about the loss of youth while looking for answers it is visually appealing with Frank Turner walking the Leo Carillo beach in Malibu, CA.

As previously mentioned I got to see Frank Turner live at the House Of Blues in Cleveland. I was in the photo pit for most of his set trying to capture as many memories as possible. When looking at some of the photos the next day I noticed that the one guitar player was crouched down. Apparently I missed seeing him eat the stage after slipping on something but someone in the crowd didn’t and had their phone on video mode at the right moment:

If you looking closely you can see me stealing the band’s soul with my camera…

Finally I end this post that is going nowhere with a live performance of a band I know I am looking forward to hearing, Foxy Shazam. I can’t say everyone will dig them but I know I do.  Check out “Rocketeer” from the upcoming album Unstoppable: