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Direct Hit! – My Latest Internet Craze.

I hate the term “latest internet craze” when it comes to all those stupid, time-killing photos tons of internet addicted humans who fancy themselves comic reliefs by “planking”, “owling”, “horsemaning”, and oh, let’s not forget “cone-ing” (although I will admit it was funny the first time I saw it). 

If you have no idea what I am talking about, a.) you are lucky and b.) google them for more explanation.  It’s not a craze.  It is stupid and shame on you mainstream media for evening bringing it to light thinking any of it is funny. 

When I think of a latest internet craze, I think of something that is a little more meaningful than some douchebag laying on a curb while some other douche takes a picture of them.  Seriously, that is NOT FUNNY.  Get off the hotel sign and quit pissing me off.

Anyways, enough of my rants today.  I will tell you about the latest internet craze…  DIY bands offering up their music online (some for free).  Skipping “the man”, these DIY bands take care of it all by themselves with help of independent labels and work hard doing it.

That right there is way more interesting to me that seeing a some huge dude perch like an owl (honestly it looks like he is trying to poop his pants).

DIY bands are nothing new, but boy are they becoming more and more plentiful these days.  There are tons of websites out there (some labels and some just hosts) that host DIY bands and their music like Death To False Hope Records, If You Make It, and BandCamp.

One DIY act in particular that I have been digging lately is Direct Hit!.  Last night I downloaded their newest LP called Domesplitter that was put out by Kind Of Like Records.  I found the download on their BandCamp page after receiving an email from one of the band members self-promoting the new release (I think I was on a mailing list from downloading one of their EPs earlier on Death To False Hope Records – I am ok with that as it is not spam).  I will admit that I did not pay anythingfor the download, but I am planning on order ordering Domesplitter  on vinyl (in fact, I just did, so there! Redemption on my end!).

Milwaukee’s Direct Hit! is a pop punk act with an edge.  Domesplitter was a little heavier than I was anticipating and for that I loved it more.  This is the band’s first full length release that actually contains songs from the band’s first five EPs – an anthology have you.  Even if the album is technically not brand new material, I must say I am impressed with it.  Full of hooks and anthem-like sing-a-long opportunities, the songs on this release are down right fun to listen to.  This is a band I should have been a fan of since the beginning.

Check out their BandCamp page.  Or head over to Facebook and be a fan or if you still can tolerate MySpace… 

Here’s a couple entertaining videos for your viewing pleasure:

I love this video and may have posted it before…

If You Make It, They Will Come

I am not shocked anymore when someone tells me about something I was not aware of.  There is just so much out there on the internets that I really need to rely on other people to point out the awesome to me.  With that said I would like to talk about an amazing website that my pal Josh pointed out to me called If You Make It.  More importantly I really want to talk about The Pink Couch Sessions.

No this is not porno...well not that I know of.

If You Make It is a website started by a music loving guy named Dave Garwacke who used to throw house shows in his basement but never really cataloged it. Realizing that there was no proof ever recorded Garwacke decided he wanted to start recording shows again but this time recording them on site for the world to see.  Seeing how he was surrounded with a circle of musical friends it was not a problem to start over and once he moved to Brooklyn he was able to start where he left off,  but this time with cameras.

After spending time recording shows and festivals Garwacke decided to start “The Pink Couch Sessions”.  These sessions were recorded in his very own home on, you guessed it, a pink couch (as well as a few on the road).  The result is an impressive intimate collection of broken down acoustic performances by many bands, some known and others soon to be known.  Some of the songs are even available for free download too!

Josh recently emailed me a link to a Pink Couch Session featuring a band I really like called Bridge & Tunnel.  I have been a huge fan of Bridge & Tunnel since the day the CD arrived at my front door and sadly missed a chance to see them live when they played a free house show at the Soggy Dog in Lakewood, OH.  Josh was there and from what he told me I missed one hell of a show.  Even if I missed it I am thrilled he sent me this link because now I know of If You Make It and am positive that it will be a weekly if not daily stop on my internet browsing habits.  There is just so much music caught behind the camera for me to even fully discuss.  It would be best if you just checked it out for yourself.

I have spent some time watching performances on the pink couch by many bands I really dig tonight as well as have been introduced to a few I really want to look in to more.  Here are a few I liked including the Bridge & Tunnel session Josh emailed me…thanks Josh.

Bridge and Tunnel – Call to the Comptroller’s Office from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Ninja Gun – Front Yard Screamers (Kitchen Kissers) from If You Make It on Vimeo.

American War – Bricks from If You Make It on Vimeo.

Bomb The Music Industry – Sadder Weirder from If You Make It on Vimeo.

The Measure [SA] – Unwritten from If You Make It on Vimeo.