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Check It Out: Reverse The Curse

Reverse The Curse is now streaming its sophomore full-length record, Existent, on SoundCloud.  They were cool enough to allow everyone and anyone to share the stream the album on their own sites, so here you go:

The Hiram, OH-based post-rockers really have outdone themselves on this second album released by Paper + Plastick Records.  You can pre-order the new record by clicking HERE.

Reverse The Curse

God Is An Astronaut

Can’t say that I am that familiar with the Irish post-rockers God Is An Astronaut, but after seeing their video for “Route 666” today, I am hoping to change that.

In celebration of their 10-year-career, the band recently remastered their entire catalog with plans of releasing CDs and LPs this year starting next week.  The band released this in regards to their success:

“We would like to thank all our loyal fans for supporting us over the last 10 years through some of the darkest and happiest moments of our lives. It’s been an absolute privilege to share our music with so many people over the years; this is not the Beginning of the End but the End of the Beginning.” – God Is An Astronaut

I think I am most impressed that this band had done their thing all by themselves.  Since 2002, they have been releasing their own albums and setting up their own tours resulting in building a pretty huge fan base.

If you dug the above and want to pick up an album or two, head over to http://www.superadmusic.com/god/shop.html.