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Sexy Brokenheadphones?

The other day I was taking my boys on their morning walk around the marshmallow ghetto.  As usual I was wearing my headphones that were not broken and jamming out to good jams contained within my iPod.  As I got to an intersection I stopped to avoid getting run over.

While waiting for the light to turn green I noticed a car containing two cute girls smirking at me.  Immediately I smiled back thinking that the sun might have been reflecting on me making my appearance that much more stunning.  They both started giggling and I immediately thought they were giggling at my dogs because they are pretty cute too.  I turned to look at them and thank them for attracting cute girls for me and that is when I discovered what all the smirking and giggling was all about.

Sweet Lou was taking a sweet poo.


Anyways I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts within the last few days after almost overflowing the site earlier this week with reviews and whatnot.  Don’t worry I still have tons of material to review but sometimes work gets the best of me.

Today though I was approached by my friend’s website Sexy Photo Trip (SPT) about helping them out.  The site is 18+ so all you youngsters you need not know what they are all about.

Marcos + Matt + Emily = Sexy Photo Trip

So what is Sexy Photo Trip you ask?

Here is a video that can explain it:

Bascially SPT is according to their site:

We are 2 photographers and a make up artist, traveling the country documenting our travels and telling our stories. We shoot naked girls throughout all of this. They are very nice and very tight. We like girls who chew gum and walk with confidence.

We are road trippers, documentarians and voyeurs. We’re here to document a day in the life of interesting women willing to share intimate details of their life with us and to make very nice, very tight sexy photo shoots.

It’s not porn by any means, it’s art and it’s fun.  Marcos and I made nice nice a few years back when I was a writer for a certain site I care not to talk about any more.  We met up in Austin for an event and have remained friends since.  He is one of the reasons I got a little more serious with the camera and he is also the reason I speak like Borat a lot.

Marcos asked me if I could help SPT with supplying music for future videos seeing on how I am exposed to a lot of bands these days.  Of course I said yes.  I am looking forward to working with SPT in the near future and hopefully one day can be in on of their videos being remixed as I scream at traffic.

If you are interested in photography of beautiful women with little or no clothing as well as witty smart humor head over to Sexy Photo Trip and see what happens when three friends travel around the country for the sole purpose of taking sexy photos.  Nice.