Album Review: Grey Area / The Reveling / The Copyrights / Luther – 4-Way Split

Leave it to Black Numbers to gather up some kick-ass pop-punk/post-hardcore bands and drop a sweet split release on vinyl and CD.  At 8 tracks long, the 4-way split features a pair of tracks from Grey Area, The Copyrights, The Reveling, and Luther.   The result is a great listen by a group of bands that have been having no difficulty getting noticed lately.

The release was dropped earlier this year, but I kind of fell of the face of Earth, so my apologies in advance.   Shall we continue?

NYC’s the Grey Area started off the split  with “Lucky”, a pepped up punk rock track that easily reached back to the 90s punk rock scene.  This song was amazing and perfect for opening up the album.  Following was “Bad Anything”, a track that reminded me of Dag Nasty in a good good way.  Having not been too well versed with this band prior to listening, I know what I am going to be doing once I finish this review up.

Brooklyn’s The Reveling was another band I have not gotten into just yet, but of course after hearing their tracks on this release, I intend to change that.  “Trust Me” sounded of The Menzingers at times but not in a bad way at all.  The song was a little too quick for me and seemed to just drop, but all was well once “Its Time To Ride” kicked in.  I must say, I was impressed with what I heard and can’t wait to hear more.

Do I really need to say anything about The Copyrights?  Most of you probably know what they are all about already, but still, this is a review so I will at least tell you all that they are from Illinois and they rule. “The New Frontier” was easily the hardest sounding track in the split.  Never ceasing to amaze me, they dropped “Straight To The Office” from 90s punkers Scared Of Chaka.  The cover was great in my opinion and I hope more kids will check out Scared Of Chaka after hearing the cover.

Philly’s Luther put out one of my favorite EPs last year, so I may sound a little biased here, but their offerings on this split were killer.  “Sixty-One” was likable the moment the signing kicked in.  Seriously, this track was fun from start to finish and just more proof how talented this band is.  “The Door Is A Penthouse” impressed me as well.  I told you I probably was going to sound biased, didn’t I?

This split is a great dose of 4 hard-working bands that I feel one day will be all over the music scene.  Thanks to Black Numbers for putting together such an excellent 4-way split.  Having played the split over and over since I got it, it’s easy for me to think that fans of punk rock of all types will dig this regardless if they know any of the bands on the cover or not.

The split is available on CD, LP, and digital download.  What the hell are you waiting for?  Go grab you one!   Rumor has it you actually appear to be cooler once you have a copy in your hand.  Just saying…

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