Amanda Palmer Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele

Wait.  What???

Yeah you just read and saw correctly…  Amanda Palmer most known from The Dresden Dolls has released an EP of Radiohead covers done her way with her ukulele.  The EP includes tracks such as “Creep”, “Idioteque”, “FakePlasticTrees”, “No Surprises”, “High and Dry” and a special live string-quartet version of “Exit Music (For a Film)”. Needless to say it is amazing, well at least it is to me.

The EP is now available digitally for a minimum donation of 84 centsYes, $0.84!

Palmer, a very vocal supporter of direct fan-to-artist support, has made the album available online through Bandcamp for a donation of 84¢ or more, 54¢ of which going directly back into Radiohead’s pockets for the legal use of their songs (with the remaining 30¢ going to PayPal to cover the transaction fee).  Of course you can donate more if you wish…

It will also be available available in extremely unique physical permutations starting Tuesday, July 20th at 3pm EST.

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