And So It Starts…

Just started getting wind of what artists are planning 2009 tours.  Some of the bands look to continue their success while others just have me scratching my head.

Here are some tours / festivals that I read about recently:

NIN touring with Jane’s Addiction
-This show best hit Cleveland if they know what is good for them…  Having seen NIN last summer and looking forward to seeing them at Bonnaroo I think my 2009 would be complete if I were to see them even one more time live.  According to, Trent Reznor confirmed that NIN would be taking a long break.  Confirming this was a blog from Trent Reznor on stating “I’ve been thinking for some time now it’s time to make NIN disappear for a while”.  This tour is not NIN alone and will equally be as amazing thanks to Jane’s Addicition trying to regroup and perform.  We shall see the outcome of this, all I can think of is how good of an idea is it having two of the most cherished bands of my time take stage.

Limp Bizkit Reuniting For A Tour
-Seriously?  Is this a good idea?  Perhaps.  The band was very successful at the end of the 1990’s but soon fell apart.  The Nu-Metal scene just was not meant to continue but I think it is great that the original line-up plans on gathering once again to perform.  Does this mean new material?  We shall see.

Fleetwood Mac
-I admit, I would totally go to this…if I could afford a ticket.

Rock On The Range – Columbus, OH
-This weekend event in Columbus looks like a true winner for all the metal fans.  Slipknot, Motley Crue, Alice In Chains, Avenged Sevenfold and Korn share the excitement for many as these bands plus a handfull more play the weekend of May 16-17th at the Columbus Crew stadium.  Having never seen AIC before I am highly considering this show…Matt?

Eric Clapton / Steve Winwood
-Former Blind Faith members decide to tour the US.  Both previously played together at Madison Square Garden about a year ago.  They are coming through Ohio, but no way will I dish out that kind of money for tickets.  It is not that important to me.  Both are amazing artists and I have respect for both but the wallet kind of stops me there.

No Doubt
-Please Gwin, please never do that solo crap again…  I am really happy to see this band get out and tour again.  I am not a huge fan, but I do appreciate their earlier material.

Blink 182
-These pop punkers announced just weeks ago that they were a band again and that means they will be going on the road soon.

-They are putting the finishing touches up on their next release and will be hitting the road in support of it.  I am very excited to see these guys live again.

The Greatful Dead
-This will be the bands first tour in 4 years.  Mind you it is not the original Dead but it’ll do for all the hippies who need something to do this summer.

-Speaking of hippies, Phish is scheduled to tour in 2009 as well.  I need to stop being a jerk…hippies have feelings too.  I am sure I will check Phish out at Bonnaroo for a little bit just so I can say that I did.

***More will be added as I find out***

There are many other bands taking aim at touring this year but the previous were ones I just read about.  I am still curious on what band will get back together this summer at one of the festivals like Cochella or the Virgin Mobile Festival.  I would love to see Soundgarden reunite or even Faith No More play some shows…  That would be insane.

There is one band I really hope to see this summer.  They have been through a lot as one of their own was in a horrible accident.  I speak of The Deftones.  Recently the band decided to play some shows even though their original bassist can not be there with them.  A statement was released on the band’s website in regards on how the band decided to play out again: “Chi always wanted to keep working and never slow down, which is why we feel confident in returning to the stage at Bamboozle in April.  Chi would want it, and we want to make sure we’re keeping his legacy alive.”

With a Bonnaroo trip already planned this summer, I am wondering what other live shows I will be attending this year.  I will of course be sure to share all my experiences with you all.  I am sure I will stop at the Vans Warped Tour once again as I always enjoy myself there and may actually take up ((RAD))am’s offer on some Blossom shows.

Curious though…  What shows are you all looking forward to?  Are there any other great acts touring that I might have missed???  Let me know!

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