Gaslight Anthem Robbed In Sweden

Punk rocker’s Gaslight Anthem woke up at their Gothenburg hotel only to discover that someone had broken into their tour van.  Where no actual valuables were taken the band experieced a delay while filing police reports and missed a ferry that would have taken the band to Helsinki where they were to perform. 

The band posted the following on their MySpace blog:

Crap! No Helsinki show….
So, we were robbed the night after our Gothenburg show at a local hotel. Gunnar and I woke up to 3 windows smashed out and the back door shredded from prying. Luckily, nothing very valuable was taken, but, we had to get reports from Swedish police (slow as f*ck), and missed our ferry by MINUTES! We literally raced down the highways, freezing cold, for 5 hours and parked to watch it pull away.

We’re super bummed. We were all really looking forward to this show and pissed that this happened. We’re sincerely sorry this happened. But, I guess this one was out of our reach. We’ll keep you posted on any happening/reschedules involved with the show.


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