Bad News For The Agora?

I am still looking for an actual confirmation about this but it looks as if the Cleveland Agora will be shutting it’s doors after tonight’s show.

I really hope this is not true.  Just looking at that neon sign brings me years of memories of countless shows I had attended.  Since I was 15 years old I have gone to shows at that amazing venue.

I was supposed to be there tonight too.  I was going to check out Strung Out and Death By Stereo play in the ballroom tonight but was just too tired to make the trip out there.  Around 9pm my friend Dan Z. messaged me asking if the Agora shut down.  I did not have an answer for him so we started both texting everyone we know in the Cleveland music scene.

Sadly Dan got a text from the girl that used to work in the box office at the Agora with a message neither of us wanted to hear.  Tonight’s show would be the last show for an undetermined amount of time.

Matt at Addicted To Vinyl also mentioned he heard the nasty rumor.

I am kicking myself in the ass right now for not going to the show tonight.  Had I known earlier today that this was going down I would have just went.

I am still looking for an official statement.  Keep your fingers crossed Cleveland…

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