Cleveland Agora Update

I received an email today from someone who works with the Agora who responded to my post about the Cleveland Agora shutting it’s doors.

Susie confirmed that the Agora was not booking shows in the ballroom or theater at this time but stated there were still shows being played:

While it is true that there are no big shows being booked in the ballroom or the theater right now, there are plenty of shows all summer on the restaurant stage (room holds about 125) – You should come down & check some of them out!

6.15.09 Walkin’ Cane Blues Jam
6.17.09 American Restless
6.19.09 Oliver Buck & The New Madrids
6.20.09 Alan Greene Band
6.24.09 Brent Kirby – Songwriters In-The-Round
6.26.09 Junkrod Joe & The Cadillac Hearse
6.26.09 J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters
7.09.09 Mark Jungers w/Susan Gibson
7.11.09 Town Fryer Road Trip to see .. Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson & John Mellencamp
7.23.09 Two Men & A Campfire
7.28.09 Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies
7.31.09 Whitey Morgan & The 78’s w/The Not So Good Ol’ Boys + The 609ers
8.06.09 Rosie Flores
8.07.09 Quinn Sands, Open Range Torch Songs, and Brain Lisik Band.
9.06.09 Gas House Gorillas
9.13.09 .357 String Band
11.08.09 Wayne “The Train” Hancock w/Whitey Morgan & The 78’s

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