Concert Review: Alkaline Trio / Cursive – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH – 03/04/2010

Pop punk rockers Alkaline Trio paid the House of Blues in Cleveland a visit on Thursday with special guests indie rockers Cursive as well as rock act The Dear & Departed.  This was the second stop for Alkaline Trio who just started touring in support of their new release This Addiction.  The line-up of the evening was an interesting mix but still it looked to be a great evening of music for all who filled up the venue.

Most commonly known as the guy who tattoos along side Kat Von D on the reality show LA Ink, Dan Under and his band did their best to warm up the crowd with their straight forward rock music.  The crowd gave them the respect they deserved but it really did not look as if too many were really getting into them.  A couple fans sang along and gave support but the energy level was still rather low.

Nebraska’s Cursive on the other hand played a solid, yet interesting, set  that eventually caused a lot of cheer by the set’s end.  Hammering through “Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand” as later playing “Art Is Hard” the band threw on an absolutely amazing show.  I especially enjoyed hearing “From The Hips” off their latest release Mama, I’m Swollen.  Digging deep into their catalog the band even played “Mothership Mothership, Do You Read Me?” which absolutely floored me.  It was clear though that not everyone around me was enjoying the indie, almost experimental, performance with a very vocal Tim Kasher but I will admit that there are some folk out there today looking into who exactly this Cursive band is.

Alkaline Trio took the stage in full force and started the night off with “This Addiction” off their latest release.  The band looked so comfortable on stage and Matt Skiba and Dan Andriano shuffled about on stage as Derek Grant beat the hell out of the drums.  Skiba announced in the middle of songs that he was at a photo shoot earlier in the day for some magazine called High Times admitting that “if it seems like I’m really stoned, it’s because I am.”   Needless to say the crowd went berserk.

Adding to the energy of the night the band carried onward with an amazing set playing old and new songs.  Seeing Andriano pick up the horn on “Lead Poisoning” was one of the highlights of my night for some reason.  I really enjoyed that track off their new album but seeing it live just made me appreciate it even more.  If that was not good enough, once the band finished that more poppy track they jumped back a few years and played “Mr. Chainsaw” only to return to new material again with “Dead On The Floor”.

Throughout the night I was continually impressed to see what song the band would play next.  Hearing “Fuck You Aurora” and later the Manson inspired “Sadie” the set list just kept getting better and better and the band just hit every song head-on with almost everyone in the house singing along.  Just when I thought think things could not get better the band played “’97”.  At that very moment I was completely contempt with Alkaline Trio’s set.

The band exited the stage with fans pleading for one more song.  I decided this might be a good time to make way to the back of the venue and to call it a night.  As I was walking back the crowd exploded in cheer as the band did a little switch up with Skiba on drums, Andriano on guitar, and Grant on bass and vocals.  The band appeased me by playing one of my favorite Misfits songs ever, “Attitude”.  All I could say was “are you kidding me” and stopped dead in my tracks and started singing along with everyone else.  It was the perfect way to end an amazing performance.  I was a happy concert goer.

Alkaline Trio’s Set List
This Addiction
Dine, Dine My Darling
We’ve Had Enough
Lead Poisoning
Mr. Chainsaw
Dead On The Floor
Fatally Yours
Fuck You Aurora
Goodbye Forever
In Vein
100 Stories
Nose Over Tail


3 thoughts on “Concert Review: Alkaline Trio / Cursive – House of Blues – Cleveland, OH – 03/04/2010”

  1. The first song of the encore was “Fine”, followed by the Misfits cover and ending with “Radio”.

  2. @Kristen – I completely forgot they played “Fine”. I was even singing along as they played it. As for “Radio” I had to head out during “Attitude” as my friend was not feeling so hot. Thanks for the clarification!

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