Disappointed is a 12 letter word.

disappointed [dis-a-point-ted]

adj – saddened by the failure of an expectation, etc.

Last night was the first time in a long time where I was disappointed, not just a little bit, but a whole lot.

I was not the only one in my group of three either who had this unbearable feeling occur.  It’s happened before, and I am sure it will happen again, but last night was not the night for it to happen.

Why so disappointed you ask?

Well, in a nutshell, last night was the J. Roddy Waltson & The Business / Shooter Jennings show at the Beachland Ballroom.  I, and two of my closest friends, have been looking forward to this show since we first caught wind of it a couple months back.  We were not excited for Shooter, but rather, J Roddy.

My friends had seen J. Roddy a couple of times but I had not.

Last night around 8pm we left my homestead and made the 45+ minute trip to Cleveland to hit up the show.  We were all smiles during the rainy drive up there and anticipated a killer show.

Arriving we hung outside the venue for a moment as a female Chris Farley looking cop (seriously, just like Airheads Farley) chased a seemingly drunk patron down the sidewalk with her trusty stun-gun in hand.  She was pissed about something he did, maybe asking her how it felt to be a Farley…

Anyways, we walked inside, and realized something was terribly wrong.  There was music playing and it sounded like J. Roddy.

Wait – it WAS J. Roddy.

We ran inside the ballroom literally to J. Roddy stating that they were playing one more song, “Used To Did”.  The song was amazing live and for a brief moment I was in a music bliss like none other enjoying the song and then it happened.

J. Roddy Waltson & The Business finished their set.

Disappointment took over.  I wanted to crawl in a dark corner and cry.  One song was not enough for me at all.  I wanted more and I could not have any.  We arrived 1 hour late thinking the show started at 9 p.m.

The three of us stood there.  Depressed, pissed off for not rushing one another to get there and most of all disappointed as hell.

I honestly thought there was a local opening act and what band starts on time anyways???

A very friendly J. Roddy greeted us and was bummed to hear we missed his set but did give us a heads up that they just wrapped up a new Daytrotter session.  That was cool to hear.

Still, we were not satisfied at all.  We did not know if we wanted to stay or not so we sulked over a cold one and felt sorry for ourselves.

Add insult to injury, Lady Chris Farley super-cop pushed us aside in the bar to make way for Shooter Jennings and his band so they could hit the stage.

Screw you super-cop.

A few songs into Shooter’s set we decided to bail.  We were not feeling it.

Jumping in the car we decided to play a fine mix of J. Roddy songs all the way home.  We sang the songs at the top of our lungs, almost making up for the live show we missed.

Good friends and great friends mix so well especially when you need a pick-me-up.

So, I guess I wait till next time J. Roddy makes his way back to Ohio to check him out.  I can wait, and I know he will be back, and it is going to be amazing…

2 thoughts on “Disappointed is a 12 letter word.”

  1. Sorry dude. That sinking feeling you described is exactly what we felt in Chicago when we walked in and heard Screeching Weasel already playing. Fortunately for us, we only missed half of the first song.

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