Download This: Free Demo From Akron’s Worship This!

Akron, OH’s punk rock act Worship This! just make their demo available for free download yesterday on the Death To False Hope Records website.

Track List:
1. The Best Parts
2. Dinosaur
3. Astronaut
4. Broken Tactics
5. Blinding Lights

Worship This! - The Best Parts

Not only are the guys in this band a bunch of kick ass people who have appeared in numorous Akron/Cleveland punk acts over the years, but they have dropped a solid demo for all to enjoy.  This is just a taste too of what is going to come according to the band and I look forward to their debut release.

If you like Iron Chic (Latterman)  or Samiam, you will dig this.

The download is FREE so just head over and grab a copy for yourself.  Donations are welcomed too.

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