EP Review: Ninja Gun – Roman Nose

A few years back I was handed a CD by this band called Ninja Gun. All I could think in my head was what in the hell is a Ninja Gun and why is there a peach on the front cover?

Prior to listening to that album, I assumed that they were going to be just another screaming, loud and young act that I would care less about and almost passed it up.  I am glad my curiosity got the best of me though as  I was sorely shocked once I  heard what Ninja Gun was all about

They were more of a melodic folk/rock/country driven act that impressed me well past my expectations.  To this day their debut release, Restless Rubes, is spun in my household regularly.

On April 12th Ninja Gun will release a four-song EP entitled Roman Nose on Sabot Productions.  This is the band’s follow up teaser to that 2008 debut Restless Rubes that I almost passed over.

Led by Jonathan Coody, the band has toured with many a punk act in their time thanks to being less than an hour away from Gainsville, the punk rock capital of Florida.  Regardless of their sound, they have always had no problem keeping the punk fans entertained.

Starting off the EP was “That’s Not What I Heard”, a poppy yet chilled-out track that carried layered acoustic  guitars setting a certain mood for a good ol’ porch hangout with friends.  As relaxed as it sounded though, the lyrics were pungent and well-written.

The track “Hot Rain” tells the story of the demise in farming in the band’s hometown.  Just listening to this track I can hear improvement in the band’s sound.  It just sounded so well put together.

“Lepers In Love”, a tune about a  seemingly unjust relationship, was a killer track.  The song carries a certain slow-waltzing feeling at the beginning but rocks out shortly after.

The mellow “Roman Nose” on the other-hand, told the tale of a good man selling an “old thing” an ultimate token of love for his special someone.  Musically it was such a sorrow-sounding song, but became beautiful once the lyrics dissolved in my mind.

All I could think while listening to this EP is how funny it is that Ninja Gun is known to tour with punk bands yet I know they would have no problem playing along side Lucero or opening up for Wilco or even The Avett Brothers

I find it humorous that there are a peaches incorporated on the EP’s artwork now knowing that their hometown of Valdosta, GA is surrounded by peach farms.  The first time I saw the cover art for Restless Rubes and the lone peach sitting there, I could not gather why there was a peach on it.  Come on folks, I am from Ohio… 

Valdolsta can be a little busy downtown, but the surrounding areas are quiet towns with not a lot to do.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  It looks like the type of city many folk dream of escaping from and moving on to bigger and better things, but they don’t – not because they are prisoners of the city, but because it’s a really chill and relaxing place to live.

Ninja Gun was once a hidden jem but I am thinking that is all going to be changing very soon.  Roman Nose is just a taste of what this small-town band has in store for their next full release and I could not be happier for them.

Want to hear “That’s Not What I Heard”?  Head over to Magnet Magazine and check it out for yourself!

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