Frank Carter Leaves Gallows

Wow, what a bummer.  I just learned that Frank Carter announced his departure from the UK punk act Gallows.  In a statement taken from Frank’s website, the tattooed bad ass had this to say about why he is leaving the band:

It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce my departure from Gallows. It seems that Gallows have hit a crossroads in our writing process and unfortunately myself and the rest of the boys have different ideas regarding the sound of Gallows going forward. Gallows have decided they are going to continue on without me and I wish the boys the best of luck for the future.

This does not mean I am giving up on music. I have a new band called PURE LOVE which I have been working on with my brother Jim Carroll (Suicide File, Clouds, Hope Conspiracy) for a few months now. A lot of late nights in the studio have meant that we will be recording our debut album in September and then will hit the road later this year. I hope to see you all there.

I want to say thank you to my brothers Stephen, Jonathan and Richard, my parents and the rest of the boys in Gallows for their support not only over the past few months, but the past 6 years. I also want to thank all the fans that helped us build Gallows into something I could really be proud of. Without you it would have meant nothing. Thank you all. Forwards ever, backwards never. Pure Love.

Frank Carter

I am curious on this new band of his called Pure Love.  I have been a huge fan of Gallows since the first time I saw them live at a Warped Tour years ago.  It was one of those bands that I had never heard of before, but by set’s end, wanted to hear more.

Frank’s energy is unline anyone else and he never holds his tounge.  He had no problem bashing non-punk bands at a Warped Tour a couple years ago (targeting 3OH!3 and Jeffree Starr) as well as climbed the rafters at a Grog Shop show while the kids moshed under him.  He takes his performances to a personal level and marches in the middle of the crowd with mic in hand, it was quite the experience. 

I would love to see both the Gallows and Frank continue in their musical careers, but am still a little disappointed that Frank will no longer be fronting Gallows.

Hopefully Pure Love will be as amazing as Gallows were.  Guess we wait till September to find out…  Until then, enjoy some videos I found:

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