Those Darlins Return To Cleveland This Fall

You know, it’s been a while since I mentioned the southern bell brat pack also known as Those Darlins…  Might as well pimp them out now for a moment while I have your attention.

Many Cleveland fans were bummed to learn that Those Darlins dropped off the bill last June.  They opted to do so in order to perform a benefit show, so I guess we can not be too mad at them. 

Regardless, they have yet to make a stop in Cleveland in 2011 and it looks like this Fall will be the next time they drop by.

On October 12th, Those Darlins will be playing a show at the Grog Shop with Peelander-Z.  Can you say awesome!?!?

Stay cool Cleveland.  The girls and Lynwood will see you in a few months…

Speaking of awesome…  Looks like the girls and Lynwood are getting some well-deserved attention:

Too bad I would never drive that toaster in public.

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