Happy Thanksgiving

To my 7 readers, maybe 6 by now…  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am going to make sure I pay more attention to this site.  I feel as of late I have neglected it, with good reason of course (school, work, life, iPad).  I am going to try and step things up a bit and throw some more posts from myself and a slew of special guests. 

Look for an interview shortly with Matt Fish, owner of Melt Bar & Grilled, to be posting soon.  I am just putting my final touches on it.  It’s a good read – ’cause I say so.

I also have my Best Of 2010 coming up soon.  I really need to think back hard on this past year as there were a ton of great releases.

Until then, have a nice holiday weekend and eat lots of Tofurkey (or turkey if you are one of THOSE people…)

One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Best cleveland garage vinyl record : Prisoners – Back in the U.S.S.A!! We also have a Tape coming out of all new songs called ” Pass the stone” slated to be the Best Cleveland garage tape of 2011!! you should do a review! happy thankstotthepilgrimsfortakingoveramericaandthenhavingafeastwiththeindiansday!

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