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Happy Thanksgiving

To my 7 readers, maybe 6 by now…  Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am going to make sure I pay more attention to this site.  I feel as of late I have neglected it, with good reason of course (school, work, life, iPad).  I am going to try and step things up a bit and throw some more posts from myself and a slew of special guests. 

Look for an interview shortly with Matt Fish, owner of Melt Bar & Grilled, to be posting soon.  I am just putting my final touches on it.  It’s a good read – ’cause I say so.

I also have my Best Of 2010 coming up soon.  I really need to think back hard on this past year as there were a ton of great releases.

Until then, have a nice holiday weekend and eat lots of Tofurkey (or turkey if you are one of THOSE people…)

1Up For The Kids

During a time of the year where people are buy-buy -buying things for everyone on their list sometimes we forget about the true definition of the holidays.  It’s easy to get sucked up into all the chaos also know as the shopping season.  I myself have had enough of the retail wars that go on and spite people out there who buy things just to buy.  Take that wasted money and put it towards something meaningful, like a donation.  Uncle Buck does not need a Sham-Wow or a Snuggie…seriously.  Imagine donating money that will go towards a gift for a sick child that will not only make their day but also help ease the pain they are going through.

My pal and yours Kevin found this great website where a simple donation can really make a child’s day.  During this holiday season try to forget about all the big sales and unnecessary gifts for a moment and think about what the reason of the season is all about.  (Mom, calm down, I am still calling it Jesus Day…)

Take it away Kevin and Happy Holidays everyone!

Childs Play Logo

I’m sure that many of our readers have dabbled in a little video game geekery in their days.  You may have experienced the Tetris burn while trying to go to sleep after an eight-hour bender.  Maybe you feel the real measure of a man is in his achievement points?  Yeah, you know how awesome all of that is.  Admit it.

There are many folks out there that would think that gamers are a blight on society with their lack of social skills and appreciation for violence.  Gamers are good people who would just rather spend their free time with pixels rather than a putter.  You might be a little tired of video games getting a bad rap.  They’re just good old fun.  The creators of the webcomic Penny Arcade, Gabe and Tycho, felt the same way.  From their countless hours involved in the gamer community were aware that the caricature that was drawn by news fluff pieces and congressmen were not the people they knew.  Gamers are a good, generous bunch.  This inspired them in 2003 to start a toy drive for Seattle’s Children’s Hospital.  From that toy drive the Child’s Play charity was formed.

I first heard about Child’s Play about 2 years ago on digg.  At that time they were pretty much in hospitals in North America.  Now, Child’s Play is currently partnered with almost 70 hospitals, (and growing).   It was one of those charities that made so much sense.  These are some really sick kids that are stuck in a hospital who can’t do much outside–many of them can’t stray far from a bed.  Why not give them the fun of playing a game, or possibly interacting (with the permission of the parents I assume) with other people on PSN (Playstation Network) or Xbox LIVE?  I’m not trying to slight these kids, they’re pretty hardcore.  They have done no wrong in their short lives to anyone still life seems to be socking them in the gut.  Maybe the work of Child’s Play will let them know that the world isn’t totally evil.  It may be a bitch, but even bitches can be sexy.

These guys are all about the giving.  They’re an international 501(c)3 entity, so they’re legit.  Also, they keep their administrative costs at a bare bone 2-3%, so that means just more good stuff goes to the kids.  If you want to give there are a few ways you can go about it.  The easiest way is to go to the Child’s Play website to make a PayPal donation.  If you want to help out your local hospital, you can also click on a location on the interactive map on the Child’s Play main page.  You will then be redirected to your chosen hospital’s Amazon page.  That Amazon page lists all of the books, toys and games requested by the hospital, the quantities received, and still needed.  Find something on the list that you’d like to donate, and check out as you would with any Amazon purchase.  Your order will then be shipped right off to the hospital of your choice.

This is easily one of my favorite charities.  You know that as much of your dollar as possible goes right to making as many kids in rough situations a little happier.  You really can’t go wrong with that.

If you would like to make a donation CLICK HERE and select the state you wish to donate to.

All I Want For Jesus Day Is Expensive Gear

Yeah Jesus Day…  It’s coming.

I am going to skip the commentary about everything Jesus Day related and get to the point of this post.

Guitar Center has found a really unique way to tell your loved ones what toys you want for the holidays.  Now normally I am not one to dish out retail giant superstore selling techniques but I really got a kick out of this.  Imagine a wish list turned into something actually interesting to look at.  People are able to take items off their wish lists on Guitar Center’s website and slap them onto a personalized concert flier.

Thanks to a genius idea music lovers can visit Guitar Center’s website, pick out what instruments or accessories they desire for the holiday of their choice, and then incorporate them into a concert flier of sorts.  The flier can then be printed out or better yet added to Facebook or Twitter.

HERE is my wish list for Jesus Day 2009

Pretty cool huh?

Of course I am not totally serious about mine as I am not much the musician but I am not going to complain if someone buys me anything off that list…

Here are what a few of them look like default-wise…