Man vs. Food Takes On Melt Tonight @ 9pm!

If you have not heard yet, tonight is the night that the Man Vs. Food visits Cleveland to take on the Mighty Melt Challenge at Melt Bar & Grilled.  Make sure you turn to the Travel Channel at 9pm to see what happens when Adam Richman takes on an almost 5lb. grilled cheese sandwich.

Just look at this thing:

I should also mention that yours truly will be cheering on Adam.  Literally.  I will be behind him to the right of the screen during the actual challenge (see here for a previous post on my experience).  Come 9pm tonight you will find out if he conquers the sandwich or if he fails.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about it…

One thought on “Man vs. Food Takes On Melt Tonight @ 9pm!”

  1. Brian…awesome episode from one of my favorite shows!!! So cool you got a line on the show!!! To bad the Broken Headphones T-shirt didn’t exist yet when it was filmed…would have loved to see that on tv.

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