I am probably one of the last people who has not talked about Metallica‘s Death Magnetic.  Everyone out there has their opinion on the CD.  My pal over at Pitriff wrote a few things about it earlier as did many other music lovers.  Some said it was a comeback album while others find it brittle.

I think it is great.  It’s hard to say Metallica is back to what they used to be because let’s face it, age and the battle of life takes its toll.  I think Death Magnetic is the best album the band has done in years and I really enjoy listening to it.  I am not going to sit here and pick through songs and say this one could have been better and this one was perfect.

I will just say that in a whole, the boys did a great job.  Way to grab another #1 album!  That right there is impressive. The album makes me think back to the first five albums and forget about the last few.  It’s nice to see that they still have it.

I finally got to see the video for “The Day That Never Comes”:

Reminds me of the video for “One”.  Very sorrowful video.

Metallica is going to be touring in support of Death Magnetic.  The sad thing is that they are hot hitting Cleveland yet but they will be in Columbus.  Some of me wants to see them again.  I have seen them 3 times now but they were all tours in support of the albums I could care less about.  I really want to see them rock out.

I also want to see this tour because Down is opening for them…awesome.

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