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I am probably one of the last people who has not talked about Metallica‘s Death Magnetic.  Everyone out there has their opinion on the CD.  My pal over at Pitriff wrote a few things about it earlier as did many other music lovers.  Some said it was a comeback album while others find it brittle.

I think it is great.  It’s hard to say Metallica is back to what they used to be because let’s face it, age and the battle of life takes its toll.  I think Death Magnetic is the best album the band has done in years and I really enjoy listening to it.  I am not going to sit here and pick through songs and say this one could have been better and this one was perfect.

I will just say that in a whole, the boys did a great job.  Way to grab another #1 album!  That right there is impressive. The album makes me think back to the first five albums and forget about the last few.  It’s nice to see that they still have it.

I finally got to see the video for “The Day That Never Comes”:

Reminds me of the video for “One”.  Very sorrowful video.

Metallica is going to be touring in support of Death Magnetic.  The sad thing is that they are hot hitting Cleveland yet but they will be in Columbus.  Some of me wants to see them again.  I have seen them 3 times now but they were all tours in support of the albums I could care less about.  I really want to see them rock out.

I also want to see this tour because Down is opening for them…awesome.

Nominations For Rock Hall Inductees Announced Today

It’s about time the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame has their induction ceremony in good ol’ Cleveland, Ohio.  Seriously, why is it always in NYC when the museum is in Cleveland?  It’s about time the rock n’ roll capitol holds one of the most important event of the year!

This year there are a few bands I have enjoyed throughout my life that are being nominated as possible inductees including Metallica, The Stooges, and Run-DMC.  Tickets will be made available to the public for the first time ever and you can bet your sweet you-know-what I am going to try and be there.

From the Rock Hall website:

The nominations for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum have been announced!

The 2009 Induction nominees are:

Rock + Cleveland
Rock + Cleveland

Jeff Beck
Wanda Jackson
Little Anthony and the Imperials
the Stooges
Bobby Womack

Five of these nine nominees will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The inductees will be announced in January 2009.  Ballots will be sent to more than 500 voters, who will select artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the 24th Annual Induction Ceremony on April 4 at historic Public Hall in Cleveland.  For the first time, tickets to the ceremony will be made available to the public. Advance ticket sales for the events will be made available to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum members and then to the public.


For more information check out the official Rock Hall press release.

Are You Effin’ Serious Lars Ul-RICH????

So I am sure many of you know the new Metallica album Death Magnetic was leaked on the internet.  It is almost impossible these days for a release to not be leaked.  Someone somewhere out there gets the glory of having an advance copy of something…and promptly uploads it on the internet for millions of filesharing people to obtain.

Metallica with members of Foo Fighters
Metallica with members of Foo Fighters (Dave Grohl & Taylor Hawkins)

I am sure everyone remembers what Napster used to be.  If not, get your head out of the clouds…  Napster was one of the first publicly recognized music sharing program sites out there that helped music fans get what tunes they wanted for free all while violating copyright law.  In time it was shut down and then bought out and molded into what it is now but I know I remember Lars Ulrich, drummer for Metallica, not being too happy about the situation.  After all their demo of a song for the Mission: Impossible II soundtrack called “I Disappear” was found circulating on Napster by Metallica before it was even released.

In fact they along with a few other musicians stood up together around 2000 to try and stop digital music sharing (piracy). They might have had better luck saving rain forests.  Lawsuits, bogus charges, and many years later they changed their mind and allowed digital downloads of their albums and then finally in 2006 their catalog appeared on iTunes.

Anyways, I came across a quote from Lars today on www.punknews.org and I almost lost it.

Here is his quote:

If this thing leaks all over the world today or tomorrow, happy days. It’s 2008 and it’s part of how it is these days.

Seriously Lars?  Happy days?  I am glad you finally have come to terms with it.  Me thinks Rick Rubin put some sense into you guys, thankfully.

The CD is good.  Not that I have heard it from a recently downloaded copy (cough*cough).

Metallica releases a new single….

I finally submerged to reality and listened to Metallica‘s new release “The Day That Never Comes” their first single from the upcoming Rick Rubin produced Death Magnetic. I sampled it on my way to work this afternoon thanks to Sirius radio’s Hard Attack and for the most part liked what I heard.  When I came home I went to Metallica’s website to sample it again.  The song was just about 8 minutes and honestly all I could think of is that the song could have been sped up just a tad and it might have sounded even better.  It does not sound like anything from St. Anger (thankfully) but does not necessarily go all the way back to their roots.  It’s got a good sound to it especially for a band that has been around for so long.

I guess I’ll have to wait until 09/12/2008 when the CD hits stores and will also be legally available to download to hear some more.  I admit, I am kind of excited.  I just hope I am not disappointed…..

For more info including links to hear the song and read the lyrics check out Blabbermouth.net.