Pour Habit – Suiticide – CD Review

There is no black or white, just Pour Habit.
There is no black or white, just Pour Habit.

What’s black and white and punk all over?

The answer is California’s Pour Habit.

Straight out of Compton (no really they are) comes the five piece punk rock band Pour Habit.  Their debut release Suiticide recently dropped on Fat Wreck Chords and I have to contest, it is amazing.  If you are looking for an album that can incite a circle pit from start to finish this is the CD for you.  Full of energy and raw power I have to admit that this was a surprise of a listen for me and I can not believe I did not give it a chance earlier.

Proving that hard work pays off, the band almost could not afford to record demos to offer to Fat Wreck Chords’ owner Fat Mike.  Formed in 2005 the band started for the sake of fun and not trying to make money.  The band got together to make music for themselves and any good punk rock loving patron out there.  Once they obtained a local following thanks to opening for some bigger named punk bands the band threw what money they had toward a studio to record Suiticide and before they knew it they were selling mad amounts of the CD as well as finding themselves opening for NOFX, a band they blame for detouring their path in life.

In fact drummer Colin Walsh had this to say about the effect of the iconic member of the punk rock band NOFX and his independent label:

“Fat Mike ruined me and my brother’s lives.  If it wasn’t for Fat Wreck Chords, I’d probably be working a steady job, but because of those bastards this is my life and there’s no way I could ever quit or stop. None of us could and that’s the thing—the five of us are so plugged into each other that we’re really best friends and that’s why we’re so dedicated to making this work.”

After opening for NOFX numerous times Fat Mike soon signed the band to Fat Wreck Chords after the band opened for NOFX numerous times.  The CD was re-released but hardly modified as Fat Mike was so impressed with the overall sound.  With a melodic mix of energy, metal riffs, and 90’s SoCal punk style, it’s no wonder Fat Mike signed these guys.

In fact the moment I heard the opening track “Institution” I was blown away with it and can see why everyone has been taking such a likening to them.  Fast, punk, and energetic, this song has it all to capture any punk rock loving fan’s attention.  Following was “Light The Torch”, a song that sounded like a younger Offspring from their years with Nitro Records if not better.

“Against Me” has nothing to do with the other one time Fat Wreck Chord label mate and is way more heavier sounding than Tom Gabel and crew create.  The song is thrashy at times and really has a strong Death By Stereo sound.  Sick guitar solos, intense vocals, and enough energy to make one jump around swinging fists about.

“Resignation” was a killer track and very technical at that.  I loved the guitar playing and just the signing, rather screaming demands throughout the track.  “Bad Luck Drunk” emulated everything I love about 90’s thrash punk rock and hinted heavy on Guttermouth with a song about the love of cracking open cold ones.

Starting off a little rasta and detonating into a full fetched riot was “Zion”, a track that stood out over the others with a sick catchy sound, fun guitar playing, and left me wanting more once the track came to an end.

Honestly after the album ended I had to play it again because I was just digging their style so much.  In fact I have listened to Suiticide at least ten times and plan on listening to it a few more times before moving on to something else.  I have not been addicted to an entire album like this for quite some time.

I can keep talking about this CD or you can go drop $8.00 on it and see for yourself on what good punk rock sounds like.  Suiticide is full of what punk rock used to be about, not caring, having a good time, and not giving a crap about what others think.  I can not wait until these guys tour over in my neck of the woods.  I can guarantee you I will be in attendance.

DOWNLOAD THIS! – Pour Habit – “Institution”

Music Video / Interview w/ Pour Habit (lots o cussing…):

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