Punk Rock Dogg – Songs For Deviant Dogs – CD Review

Last week I received a package in the mail that I was not expecting.  It was a copy of the promotional CD from Punk Rock Dogg with a note signed by Murphy Dogg.

Murphy Dogg?  Yes, Murphy is a dog.  Murphy did not really write the note.  Come on people…haha.

Normally I might scratch my head and wonder why the hell someone would send me something like this but I did order some Punk Rock Dogg Hardcore Treats for my boys last month and I suddenly remembered the site’s owner telling me she wanted to send me something to check out.

Before I even begin to talk about the CD itself I thought I would mention that the Punk Rock Dogg Hardcore Treats were really enjoyed by my boys.  I blogged about the treats a while back just because I thought it was such a great idea –  human grade dog treats.  I even tried a couple of them myself once I received them in the mail.  They tasted like a bland biscotti and honestly I kind of liked them!  You can read more about the treats I purchased on a previous blog by clicking HERE.

Honestly this CD is for people with a sense of humor and a true love for their dogs, cats, llamas, whatever…  It is not to be taken serious and I am sure many of my punk rock friends with pets will laugh at the adaptations on some of the tracks.  If you don’t find it funny then maybe you don’t know how it feels to have a dog poop in your shoe (that really happened to me) or know how awesome pets really are.

So let’s get back to the CD…

The album cover for Songs For Deviant Dogs had a liberty spike wearing, motorcycle jacket wearing, guitar carrying punk rocker and a Boston Terrier looking to tear up the mic.  I was intrigued from the moment I laid eyes on it.

Seeing how I am a huge fan of Caninus I knew I was going to like this regardless from the get go.  I have a strange appreciation for many things in life and dogs incorporated into music is one of them

Note: If you have not heard of Caninus, you need to at least check them out.  They are Pit Bull Grindcore.  Think hardcore vegan metal fronted by big ass barking dogs….I love it!

The CD begins with a statement welcoming the listener with a public service announcement declaring that the CD is for entertainment purposes only and that there may be some swearing in the CD.  Seeing how swearing would not stop me from listening to any CD I continued on.

“Punk Rock Dogg”, a clear take on The Dead Milkmen’s “Punk Rock Girl” was clever with a hilarious adaptation on the classic punk track from 1988 but funny lyrics about dogs and not a human.  “My Dog Is A Punk Rocker” continues with the Weird Al Yankovic turned punk try on the Ramones‘ “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker”.

Then there was “Mama’s Little Monster”, a track that had this Ron Burgandy flute-like playing that cracked me up as the song sang about a certain little pooch.  “Punk Rock Dogg Bop” had some very impressive singing (barking) buy a canine punk rock dog.  The song is sure to be a club hit at the pounds.

The closing song on the CD was a cover of Dennis Leary’s “I’m An A$$hole”, a song I used to worship when I was a kid, so needless to say I was curious to hear the Punk Rock Dogg version.  The song of course had lyrics that pertained to dogs and not cancer sticks that spoke of doggie farts and other embarrassing dog trends that usually have their owners shaking their hears with a smile.  As a dog owner and lover I could not help but to laugh while listening to this imagining my two dogs…

Sure the music is not top notch, the singing is not anywhere near in tune, but the idea of it is funny as hell.  Any punker who has a dog or dogs will get a kick out of this CD for what it is worth.  It was recorded for fun and was not meant to be taken seriously at all.  In fact the note I received from Murphy Dogg stated his mama paid the guys in the band with beer and pizza.

So how do you get one you ask?  Well I wish I could say you could buy a copy at your local indie record store, but the truth is you need to head to Punk Rock Dogg’s website, order $40 worth of treats or merch (or both) and they will send you one on them.  Not too shabby.

Visit www.punkrockdogg.com to purchase some Punk Rock Dogg Hardcore Treats and to check out the awesome apparel for both humans and their four legged best friends.

Check out The Murphy Dogg Blogg.  I actually got a shout out on the 05/26/09 post!  Nice.

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