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W.T.F. Browns…

Yes, the Browns game today was total crap.  Hell, the season has pretty much been total crap and as a lifetime fan of the franchise, sometimes it is just so hard to be a Browns fan.  Regardless, I am in it for life.  I would not have it any other way.

Don’t worry, my site is not turning into a sports page or anything, I do, however, want to share a fun hoodie my pal Nick from Flagrant-T came up with.  It is simple, to the point, and aimed at all you frustrated Browns fans out there:

I have already rocked mine last week when coming home from my trip to Austin and a whole slew of people got a kick out of it.  With today’s loss, it is safe to say I will be wearing this tomorrow to work.

$20 and it is yours (use the code TAILGATE today for 10% off your order).  Head over to WTFShirtz.com and grab one for yourself today!  While you are at it, check out the “I Shaved My Balls For This?” shirt I actually sported during day three of Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Needless to say, everyone loved it.

Turn Your Laptop Into An iPad Easily

TechCrunch shows you how to take your laptop and turn it into an iPad with an easy to follow video.

This was too funny not to share…

I love April Fools.

Some other worthy pranks I came across:

Starbucks has announced new sizes of drinks… Plenta™ (128 fl oz) and Micra™ (2 fl oz) cups are to arrive in Starbucks stores this Fall.

Speaking of the iPad, cnet.uk announced today that the iPad was a joke.

Then there is the iPhone to iPad converter:

ThinkGeek.com supposedly is selling the iCade for your iPad:

Kodak introduces Aromatography – As a shutterbug I got a huge laugh out of this.  To find out more about how Kodak came up with Neuro-Optic-Nasal-Sense Imaging CLICK HERE.

FunnyOrDie.com is now BieberOrDie.com.  Apparently the lil crap bought the hilarious website.  I wish I could embed the video of Justin Bieber on there.  Totally worth checking out.

ThinkGeek.com apparently also has Unicorn Meat for sale today.

Excellent source of sparkles!
Excellent source of sparkles!

 Windows 3.1 – The Future Of Computing (according to www.trainsignal.com)

Google announded that there will be Google Wave wave notifications for Google Wave.  Google claims they will sent a human to you to let you know when there is a new Wave in your inbox.

Google has also replaced their famous logo with “Topeka”, a nod to Kansas’s capitol who temporarily renamed itself Google, Kansas. Google explained the prank in detail on their blog.

YouTube claims you can watch your videos in text.  Just click on the video below to be redirected to YouTube (since it is not working here) and then change the mode to TEXTp to see what this is all about…


YouTube claims:

By using text-only mode, you are saving YouTube $1 a second in bandwidth costs.

Woot.com is going a Choose Your Own Adventure Woot.  Hilarious.  I am thinking of partaking in this as it might be a way to score something awesome.  Woot is known to be creative…

I am sure more will pour in throughout the day but this is all I have time for. 

If you come across anything worthy, let us know and throw it in a comment below!

Mitch Fatel Clips From Upcoming Comedy Premiere

Has anyone heard of the hilarious and unique comedian Mitch Fatel?

He’s a damn funny guy.

On September 18th you can check out the full Mitch Fatel special titled Mitch Fatel Is Magical on Comedy Central.  I can not wait to see it…oh wait, I no longer have cable.


Lucky for the the DVD of the special will be released on September 22nd.


So for all you fancy pants out there with cable TV make sure you check out the New Yorker when it premiers on Comedy Central.  For all you other comedy seeking non-cable owning suckers like myself, the following Tuesday will be a good day to get the DVD.

The Year Of The Bouncing Souls

The Bouncing Souls

As previously mentioned here on the damaged listening apparatus site, the Bouncing Souls currently are in the middle of taking the entire year of 2009 to celebrate their two decades at being a punk rock group.  The band has been dropping an unreleased track every month for their fans, playing shows, and having the times of their lives while doing so.

In May the band decided to start a “Bouncing Souls 20th Anniversary TV Spectacular” series on the web internets for all the punk rock fans.  Alternative Press had the honor of sharing the first installment of the series.  I had not seen it until today.

Warning, lots of swearing – after all the Bouncing Souls are from New Jersey.

The video for “Airport Security” can be seen at the end of this episode and may very well be my favorite Bouncing Souls music video of all time so make sure you watch the whole video.  There was something about the simplicity of the video, the dancing, and seeing the boys just let loose and have fun that made it so entertaining to me.

Here, check it out:

The whole sit-com approach at the beginning killed me.  I loved the added laugh tracks too.  I would not expect anything less from the Souls.

Now of course someone out there saw the “Airport Security” video and decided to try their own take on it substituting life with LEGOs.  The result was flattering to the Souls and has been shared with all of their fans.  Sure, it has been done before but still something like this takes a lot of time to do and really shows dedication to a band.

The creators, a family actually, had this to say about it when the Souls asked them to talk about the video:

When we saw the “Airport Security” video, with the cardboard sets and props, it just seemed natural to turn it into a Lego animation. Theresa constructed all the sets and props while Andrew and Brian, ages 12 and 13, did the bulk of the animating and Brian Sr. was the director/dictator and editor.

The whole project took two months and more hours than we are willing to admit to. We had all hoped that the Souls would see it but we never expected any feedback. Imagine our surprise when Kate contacted us and wanted to put it on the Souls web site!

We go to as many Souls shows as we can, which is about every 3 or 4 months. Their music truly speaks to us and we hope this video can express our gratitude. Thank you Bouncing Souls for 20 years and we hope for many more.

– Brian, Theresa, Brian and Andrew Westervelt

How cool is that?  A family created this?  A punk rock family at that.

Not too shabby.  I wish I had the time to try something like this.  I am sure I could not do it though.  I am pretty sure I would be getting very frustrated about 3 minutes into the project.  I’ll just stick to sharing stuff done by other cool folk.

I also thought I would mention that the Bouncing Souls are also helping out a friend in need and have been doing charity auctions on their label Chunksaah Records to help raise money.

Rich Cunningham formed Happy Days Records in 1995, releasing debut records by Hot Water Music and Ink & Dagger, as well as titles by Endeavor, Times Up, and Human Remains. In 2000 he formed New Labor, an alternative model of worker organization that combines new and existing strategies to improve working conditions and provide a voice for low-wage, young, immigrant workers in central New Jersey. In 2005 Rich was diagnosed with cancer and recently his battle has taken a turn for the worse.

Chunksaah Records and The Bouncing Souls will be auctioning off rare records, vinyl test pressing, limited poster prints, Bouncing Souls tickets, and anything else we think will help raise money for our friend.

If you are a Bouncing Souls fan you should head over to Chunksaah Records and see what goodies they are auctioning.  They have been auctioning off some pretty rare stuff for this very worthy cause.

As far as the Bouncing Souls song a month project, here is the list up until August:

Track list for 20 Year Anniversary (so far):
“Gasoline” – (January)
“We All Sing Along” – (February)
“Airport Security” – (March)
“Dubs Says True” – (April)
“I Think That The World” – (May)
“Mental Bits – (June)
“Ghosts On The Boardwalk” – (July)
“Boogie Woogie Downtown” – (August)

CLICK HERE if you would like to download any of these great songs for only $0.99 each.  Totally worth it.

“The Gold Song” by The Bouncing Souls, shot by Buddy of Less Than Jake, 2006 Warped Tour:

Sexy Brokenheadphones?

The other day I was taking my boys on their morning walk around the marshmallow ghetto.  As usual I was wearing my headphones that were not broken and jamming out to good jams contained within my iPod.  As I got to an intersection I stopped to avoid getting run over.

While waiting for the light to turn green I noticed a car containing two cute girls smirking at me.  Immediately I smiled back thinking that the sun might have been reflecting on me making my appearance that much more stunning.  They both started giggling and I immediately thought they were giggling at my dogs because they are pretty cute too.  I turned to look at them and thank them for attracting cute girls for me and that is when I discovered what all the smirking and giggling was all about.

Sweet Lou was taking a sweet poo.


Anyways I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts within the last few days after almost overflowing the site earlier this week with reviews and whatnot.  Don’t worry I still have tons of material to review but sometimes work gets the best of me.

Today though I was approached by my friend’s website Sexy Photo Trip (SPT) about helping them out.  The site is 18+ so all you youngsters you need not know what they are all about.

Marcos + Matt + Emily = Sexy Photo Trip

So what is Sexy Photo Trip you ask?

Here is a video that can explain it:

Bascially SPT is according to their site:

We are 2 photographers and a make up artist, traveling the country documenting our travels and telling our stories. We shoot naked girls throughout all of this. They are very nice and very tight. We like girls who chew gum and walk with confidence.

We are road trippers, documentarians and voyeurs. We’re here to document a day in the life of interesting women willing to share intimate details of their life with us and to make very nice, very tight sexy photo shoots.

It’s not porn by any means, it’s art and it’s fun.  Marcos and I made nice nice a few years back when I was a writer for a certain site I care not to talk about any more.  We met up in Austin for an event and have remained friends since.  He is one of the reasons I got a little more serious with the camera and he is also the reason I speak like Borat a lot.

Marcos asked me if I could help SPT with supplying music for future videos seeing on how I am exposed to a lot of bands these days.  Of course I said yes.  I am looking forward to working with SPT in the near future and hopefully one day can be in on of their videos being remixed as I scream at traffic.

If you are interested in photography of beautiful women with little or no clothing as well as witty smart humor head over to Sexy Photo Trip and see what happens when three friends travel around the country for the sole purpose of taking sexy photos.  Nice.