Remember Me???

Many apologies for not updating this site as much as I want to.  Happy belated Thanksgiving.

As many of you know, I was quite the traveling body this past month.  Sometimes “me” time is a good thing.

Last weekend, I got to check out a new city that I  hope to return to one day soon – Asheville, NC.  I did way more than I had expected to while stumbling around that town (literally at times).  I took in a parade, cheered on a local flat track roller derby bout, drank way too much micro-brewed beers (oyster stout is where it’s at!), ate amazing Himalayan food, tried a wasabi chocolate truffle, climbed a mountain and sat atop of Chimney Rock (see pics below),  and best of all, I did so in great company.  That right there is what I am thankful for: Making amazing memories.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holiday and did not spend their entire net-worth on stupid Black Friday.  I’m sorry, I could care less about deals.  You work retail for 10+ years and you despise that day after Thanksgiving.  People are rude, inconsiderate, and just plain ol’ insane.

I missed my chance last night to see an amazing band I got into earlier this year.  Seahaven made a stop at Now That’s Class in Cleveland and I made a decision to not attend.  I regret that decision a lot.  Have you heard of this band yet?  Check it:

They are pop punk indie rock and I can not get enough of them.  From what my friends told me, they were incredible last night too.  I will be talking about them some more very soon.

So why would I skip out on seeing such a great act?  No, it was not because I had to work ass early this morning.  It was because my pals at Eulogy Tattoo were having their third annual Black Friday sale. 

Wait?  Did I just say Black Friday?

Yes, I just stated I endulged in a Black Friday event after I just had so many nice things to say about it.  Boo hoo.  This was different as it is not technically retail…  They were selling select $20 tattoos. 

I know you have already look at the pic to the left and asked yourself what in the hell is that?  That’s my Black Friday deal and I did not have to fight one person getting it.

<— This, my friends, is a Cliff Owl.  Who is Cliff?  He’s the man behind Eulogy Tattoos in Canton and a pretty swell fellow. 

Why did I get such a thing?  I think the question should be, why have you NOT gotten one?

It was more than just tattoos for me though, it was about seeing a group of friends for a few hours after a hectic day at work.  That right there made my holiday much more meaningful than standing in a Wal-Mart with a mob of people Thanksgiving night at 10pm surrounding a shrunk-wrapped pallet of DVDs ready to shank someone so you can save $2.47 on a shitty DVD.  I am just not into that.

I am, however, all about hanging out with a bunch of good people and getting a tattoo that many people out there would probably regret.

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