RIP Time Warner Cable Amphitheater (2001-2011)

It’s no shock to hear that the giant parking lot with a huge tent is closing in Cleveland.  No longer will I fry on the pavement at Warped Tours or any other concert that starts before sunset. 

It was a good time we had, me and that so-called Amphitheater. 

I can think back to a certain Warped Tour where my friend and I thought it was a good idea to blow almost $300 on beer alone and then trudge through a sea of sweaty kid yelling “get out of here you jerks, you phonies!”

Rancid memories at Tower City Amphitheater...

I have seen tons of bands there and even had my first real photo pass experience at a Black Sabbath Heaven & Hell show.  Earlier in that day I remember that I got to sit in on an interview with Rob Flynn of Machine Head on their tour bus.  I was more stoked that the AC was running…

Rib cook-offs, shitty punk bands, amazing punk bands, hip-hop shows…yeah I was there.  (I even saw Pink there once…) 

It’s amazing that after 10-years the place is finally going to shut down.  For the record, it is not shutting down because of anything more than a casino buying the property.

Sadly we will not be seeing any casion action until 2013, but that’s not too far away.

The good news about this is that there is still another outdoor venue in Cleveland that promises to host as many shows as possible.  Let’s just hope the bands keep rolling through Cleveland.

Nautica is now going to be called Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica.

I still call it the Jake and I am still going to call the venue Nautica…

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