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Win 20 Printed T-Shirts w/ Your Logo On Them!

This goes out to all you up and coming bands out there (or blogs, or art students, or brew-masters, or…you get the idea)… 

My pals over at Flagrant-T have a sweet contest going on.  The winner will receive 20 American Apparel t-shirts with their logo screen-printed on them.  At this time it is just for a white logo on a black shirt, but who cares!!! 

I just had a little something-something made by them earlier this week that I plan on sharing with you all soon.  All I have to say is that FT does a great job printing shirts.  Pimping out this contest is the least I can do to help support them.

This is a perfect way to get your band’s/website’s/whatever’s name out there.

The contest ends on March 26th so what are you waiting for???  Make sure you read the rules below for info on not only how to enter, but also what size the logo needs to be.

Contest info taken from the Flagrant-T website:

Here it is…FLAGRANT-T’s first Free Screen Printing Contest!!!

Win a Free UPGRADED Merch Starter Kit which includes:

20 Black American Apparel T-Shirts screen printed with your logo or design using White Water-based Discharge Ink (super soft just like Affliction, Ed Hardy, and the rest of the fashion brands)

I’ve been blasting the new Social D album, and thinking, how many great rock and roll logos and shirts are just an awesome design simply printed in white on a black shirt…Social D, The Ramones, DRI and tons others.  You can see them from a mile away and you instantly recognize them without even needing to read a word.

Let’s see what you got!!!  This contest is open to anyone…band’s, bar owners, t-shirt designers, art students, entrepreneurs…anyone with a rocking design that would look awesome on a classic black T.

All you have to do is:

  1. “Like” Flagrant-T’s facebook page
  2. Send your logo or design to contest@flagrant-t.com by March 25th
  3. On March 26th, all the entries will be posted on Facebook on a contest page/photo album…get the most “Likes” in the next two weeks, and you win!

As far as art requirements:

  1. Send a jpeg or tiff, a photoshop file, or for vectors a .eps or .cdr file
  2. White logo on black shirt (full color contest coming later!), print size up to 12″ wide x 17″ tall
  3. You must own the rights to your design…for example, if you are submitting a skeleton drinking a Martini, your name better be Mike Ness.

That’s it!  Let’s see those designs…and stay tuned throughout the year for more contest…including full color printing, foil printing, and many more!

The value of this contest is upwards to $200, so if you do not try you are a fool. Do it today!

Contest: “Tweet” New Found Glory

Punk pop rockers New Found Glory (NFG) are asking fans for help in finding local opening acts for their small club headline shows the are playing in the upcoming months.  They will be touring in support of their new album they released this past Spring called Not Without A Fight.

So how can you help you ask?  Excellent question.

All you have to do is send a “Tweet”  to @xchadballx and @steveisdareason on the popular mini-blog site Twitter the local band you think should open for them. They will pick the bands based upon the number of local requests they get.

What a novel idea…   The dates for their headlining tour (they will also be touring with Dashboard Confessional this Fall too but this contest does not apply to those shows) are listed below.  If you know of a local band you think should open for NFG then I suggest you tweet them a little message.

I have a couple local favorites in mind I will be tweeting them about…  I suggest you do the same.  Hell, even if you are in a band it could not hurt to tell them from perhaps a friend’s Twitter account how awesome your band is.  You never know, they may ask you to open for them!

The above was reshaped and manipulated from a message from Chad Gilbert of NFG. Here’s his take on the whole idea as well as some other words:

Support Your Local Scene!

Before NFG head out on tour with Dashboard Confessional this fall we will be doing a limited amount of smaller intimate club shows. For the past few years NFG have not been able to hook up local bands due to a full traveling line up. We know how important it is to support local bands and local music scenes. That is how NFG got our start. We use to open locally in South Florida for bands like MxPx, the Get Up Kids, Unwritten Law,Bane etc. Playing those shows helped build our band and build our local scene. This tour will give us an opportunity to finally help out a little.

We ask you to “Tweet” @xchadballx and @steveisdareason some suggestions for local bands to open up the NFG show in their town. Please check http://www.myspace.com/newfoundglory for all the tour dates. Make sure you request bands only for our own headline shows, Not the shows we will be playing with Dashboard Confessional.

We do not want to piss any one off or discourage any bands so NFG will not be picking the specific band. We are just compiling a list of bands that we get the most requests for and submitting it to the local promoter to pick.

Also on all of these shows will be a fellow Floridian band called Fallen From The Sky and Pennsylvania’s TITLE FIGHT!

thanks so much and we hope to see you all this fall!

DONT LET HER PULL YOU DOWN the movie coming soon!

your friend always

Tour Dates (for their headlining shows only)
Oct 18 2009 – Toads Place (Headline Show) – New Haven, Connecticut
Oct 19 2009 – Chameleon Club (Headline Show) – Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Oct 21 2009 – The Chance (Headline Show) – Poughkeepsie, New York
Oct 22 2009 – Northern Lights (Headline Show) – Clifton Park, New York
Oct 24 2009 – Eleanor Rigby’s (Headline Show) – Jermyn, Pennsylvania
Oct 25 2009 – Higher Ground (Headline Show) – Burlington, Vermont
Oct 27 2009 – The Intersection (Headline Show) – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Oct 28 2009 – Peabody’s Downunder (Headline Show) – Cleveland, Ohio
Oct 30 2009 – Southgate House (Headline Show) – Newport, Kentucky
Oct 31 2009 – The Rave (Headline Show) – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Nov 1 2009 – People’s Court (Headline Show) – Des Moines, Iowa
Nov 2 2009 – Slowdown (Headline Show) – Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 3 2009 – Station 4 (Headline Show) – Saint Paul, Minnesota
Nov 5 2009 – New Daisy (Headline Show) – Memphis, Tennessee
Nov 6 2009 – Emerson Theater (Headline Show) – Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov 7 2009 – Pop’s (Headline Show) – Sauget, Illinois
Nov 23 2009 – Cine El Ray (Headline Show) – Mcallen, Texas
Dec 1 2009 – Cat’s Cradle (Headline Show) – Carrboro, North Carolina
Dec 2 2009 – Recher Theatre (Headline show) – Towson, Maryland

Memories of The Veil and looking forward to the Way Of Life

Sometimes I absolutely hate social networking websites.

I can care less about the constant status posting of some people on Facebook.  I do not need to know how many steps it took for you to get your mail this morning or how tired you are and wish you could sleep in some more.  Truth is some of these posts are just TMI, too much information.

I also love social networking websites too.

These days it is so much easier to reconnect with friends of the past without driving all over the city to find them.  There is no awkwardness in finding old friends on social networking websites.  All you have to do it request to be their friend and suddenly you have reconnected instantly.

In the case of this post I have reconnected with a old friend, rather friends and I owe it to the social networking site Facebook.

When I was just a young punk kid I had the pleasure of hanging around a high school band foursome called Witch’s Veil.  I remember going to a certain house I am sure a lot of my high school friends remember having good times at and would watch them play in the backyard garage.

Years later after high school and a break up, the band re-grouped with a most of the original members and called themselves The Veil.  By this time I had become pretty good friends with the band and hung out with them on many occasions.

At my young naive age I wanted nothing more than to be in their band but alas there was no room for me.  Jacob, Norm, Jamie, and Bryan were all great friends to me but they had control of the direction of the band and honestly they knew I could not play an instrument had my life depended on it let alone needed an extra person to their band. I could sing some, but they already had two great singers that took control of the songs.  I knew it was not happening but I never stopped thinking of how fun it would have been to partake in band practice.

I understood and never really bugged them about my short lived dream.  Still, I was fascinated with being around them so I hung out at their practice space and watched them do their thing.  I loved the process of a jam turning into a 4 minute rock bash complete with guitar solos and drum solos.

Still I wanted to be in that damn band so badly.  I remember one night I grabbed a tambourine and started keeping with the beat.  They guys got a kick of it and before I knew it I was labeled “Tambourine Man”.  From then on I would grab a tambourine and a beer at every practice and play along to all of the songs.  I became an unofficial member of sorts…

Soon they invited me on a  world tour and I would supply the hardest tambourine solos everyone had ever seen….no…that did not happen.

Hell, I did not even play live with them it was just a practice thing for kicks and giggles.  The truth is they did not need a live tambourine man, and I knew it.  They did however need a friend and a fan to support them.  I was pretty good at doing that.

They would invite me to their shows and I as well as a good group of friends would attend as many as we could.  I hung out with them before the shows, and drank with them after.  I was almost a roadie of sorts but never helped them move their equipment but did drink their beer.

The band later broke up because of indifferences but still remained friends throughout the years.  After all the foursome knew each other since high school.  They still remained friends but just did their own thing musically with some staying in bands and others starting families.

I did my best to keep in touch with them all but sometimes you just can’t help what happens over time.

When you grow old your life changes and everyone know that.  You meet new people, move in different directions, and sadly lose touch with good friends.  I lost touch with the members of The Veil but not completely.  Once in a blue moon I would run into them and they were just as happy to see me as back in the day.  The term friend for life comes to mind when I think of them.

In 2007 the world lost an amazing person as Bryan Collyard lost his life in an accident.  I can honestly say he was one of the more friendly people I will ever have had the pleasure to have in my life.  He and hung out a lot throughout the years before, during, and after The Veil.  He was a good man and everyone who knew him would say the same thing.

I heard rumors of the rest of the band getting together after Brian’s passing and jamming out.  A couple of weeks ago Jacob messaged me on Facebook letting me know that the band regrouped and were going to be playing a show.  Someone who I have not kept in touch with for years found me online and informed me of plans with the rest of the band.

Jacob informed me that he, Norm, Jamie, and friends created Way Of Life after jamming out a bunch of times after Brian’s passing.  The remaining members of the band knew that Brian wanted them to go on and after two years of intense jam sessions they decided to start playing out live.

This Thursday Way Of Life will be playing at the Beachland Ballroom at around 8:30pm.  I will be in attendee and would not miss this for the world.  Tickets are only $5.00.

To get a small taste of their music head over to their MySpace page.

Band Bio:

Way of Life is a “Straight up Rock n’Roll” band in the vein of the Stones, G n’R, and Social D. Norm, Jacob, and Jamie originally played in the popular Cleveland 90’s band The Veil, regularly selling out venues such as the Odeon and Peabody’s and opening for national acts such as Creed and Days of the New. James Genero has also been a long time Cleveland musician.

In the original band, Jacob played drums, Scott played bass, Jamie sang, and Bryan Collyard played guitar. After the passing of their loved long time friend and guitarist Bryan in January of 2007, the three, without really much effort at all, started getting together and ‘jamming’ some of the old tunes they use to play together. Being a group of friends that enjoy getting together by a good camp fire and breaking out the acoustic guitars and hand drums and having jam sessions, they in this case also did so, getting together at the houses, the three all playing acoustic guitars and singing the old songs. After getting together a dozen or so times, they realized it felt good and somehow was just right- they liked the positions they assumed instrumentally, thus deciding to keep those roles and seek out a drummer and bass player. They have found the perfect bass player and drummer.

After two years in the making, Way of Life is ready to come out. Way of Life stands for exactly what the Cleveland music scene is; a Way of Life…………

Missing Record Store Day 2009

I can not even tell you all how bummed out I am that I am missing Record Store Day 2009.

I’m sure many of you are aware of this amazing day dedicated to music in record format.  Tons of record stores across the nation will be engaging in the celebration of music and will all be selling special limited edition records from bands that I am sure will sell out before lunchtime.

This day I hope will help all the independent record stores out there continue to do what they love.  Sell music to music lovers.  In a day and age where downloading is killing the music industry it is nice to see a day that will be taking place inside music stores.

I have a list in my head of records I would buy if I had the day off but regretfully I have to work the entire day.

Yes, I have to work.  ALL DAY.

Sacrifices have to be made sometimes and I was unable to get the day off as I have other things going on the the weeks to come…  I am not happy with my decision and I am pretty sure that Matt from Addicted To Vinyl will be texting me every hour telling me what great record he just bought and how much fun he is having.

I am sure that on Saturday a single tear will drop from my eye.  I will feel pain every time a vinyl fan smiles.  The day will be the longest day ever.

Here is a list of local stores I wish I could shop at on Saturday:
Music Saves

Square Records
Spin-More Records
My Mind’s Eye
Ultrasound Music
Record Den

Here’s a list of other Ohio stores I wish I could shop at as well:
Magnolia Thunderpussy
Shake It

If you are a fan of vinyl you should check out www.recordstoreday.com and see what this is all about.  It is the perfect opportunity to but some really special releases that will only be available for a limited time.

So to all you jerks who are off on Saturday and are planning on celebrating Record Store Day, enjoy.

-Check out what Matt from Addicted To Vinyl is excited about…

-Are you going?  What are you excited for?

Local Battle

Last night I was invited to see a co-worker’s band at the Outpost in Kent, OH.  The band’s name is The Heights Band and they were participating in a battle of the bands with other local artists.  The battle called the Saw Kick “Back To School” Battle Of The Bands was put on by local music lovers FTF Concerts & Promoters and Saw Kick Media.

I’ll be honest and tell you that last night I had no idea what to expect.  When I hear the words “Battle Of The Bands” I can only think about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.  I think of high school rock offs, an immature event full of young kids running around with balloons.  Ok, no balloons.  Seriously though I was not expecting much for the night.

I never had heard of my co-worker’s material before but did hear good things about them by word of mouth in the office.  Based upon that I pretty much showed up for the The Heights Band as well as meet up with some of my fellow office zombies.  I had also promised said co-worker in band that I would do my best to photograph his band’s live performance.

Before I even begin to recap the night I will confess that I did not stay for the whole thing so I will only talk about a couple of the bands I saw including the band I had intents on seeing.

The Outpost was crowded when I showed up, something I did not expect at all.  I really had visions of pulling in to an empty parking lot with just a handful of folk hanging out.  When I saw the amount of vehicles in the parking lot I started thinking that I might need to begin to expect a little more.

$7.00 at the door and I was in.  I arrived right as the first act started playing, All Or Nothing.  These kids had Warped Tour written all over them.  Very scene, very emo, a little punk, and I admit, some of their songs were pretty entertaining.  I got a huge kick out of the cover of “Johnny B. Goode” they dished out.  I was not the only one who thought that way.

My co-worker’s band The Heights Band took stage and blew me away. I was very impressed with their performance and immediately sensed who the winner was going to be that night without even seeing the rest of the bands.  Their mix of southern rock, garage rock, and blues really hit the spot.  They looked very comfortable on stage and for the first time that night the floor was full of people rocking out.  Their set ended with me wanting a lot more.

Professor Greenhouse was the last band I saw perform before I packed up and headed home.  The folk/bluegrass was very appealing and a shocker.  I was not expecting a band quite like Professor Greenhouse to be at a battle of the bands.  I have a feeling if this band can keep it up they will be going places but given the performance by The Heights Band just prior I did not see the folk act taking home a win that night.

I actually said my goodbyes and took off before Professor Greenhouse finished so I was not sure who won that last night but I did discover the my initial gut feeling was right and The Heights Band took the win that night and are headed to the finals.  Good for them.

It was nice to rock out to an evening of local bands.  I really don’t do that much anymore these days.  It was a reminder that I should check out more local acts in my surrounding area and see what is out there.  Not only are they cheap shows usually but also proof how much talent that hides out there unless you are looking for it.

Here are some of the pics I took last night of The Heights Band: