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All I Want For Jesus Day Is Expensive Gear

Yeah Jesus Day…  It’s coming.

I am going to skip the commentary about everything Jesus Day related and get to the point of this post.

Guitar Center has found a really unique way to tell your loved ones what toys you want for the holidays.  Now normally I am not one to dish out retail giant superstore selling techniques but I really got a kick out of this.  Imagine a wish list turned into something actually interesting to look at.  People are able to take items off their wish lists on Guitar Center’s website and slap them onto a personalized concert flier.

Thanks to a genius idea music lovers can visit Guitar Center’s website, pick out what instruments or accessories they desire for the holiday of their choice, and then incorporate them into a concert flier of sorts.  The flier can then be printed out or better yet added to Facebook or Twitter.

HERE is my wish list for Jesus Day 2009

Pretty cool huh?

Of course I am not totally serious about mine as I am not much the musician but I am not going to complain if someone buys me anything off that list…

Here are what a few of them look like default-wise…